Until 3th of September 2018, art worker Richard Dean will be exhibiting his work he has produced the last 7 years exclusively at Gallery Aaldering.

Richard Dean was born 52 years ago, in a small town on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. He stayed in Germany after leaving the armed forces in 1989.

Being a trained chef among other-things he worked for some of Germany’s top hotels and restaurants until the mid 90’s, when he got into advertising. 7 years ago when he saw some amazing pictures with fantastic colours and details and asked around what this was called, he had just seen what is known as HDR-High Dynamic Range photography, and realised this is how he want the pictures to look. Since then his photos are no longer just photos they have become art.

All the pictures are for sale and can be produced on other materials and sizes. This is his first exhibition in this dimension and we hope you enjoy it.

To see the complete work go to:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/tonemapped/ or http://drichard39.wixsite.com/artography/blank-q17v5