Alfa Romeo 1300 JZ Junior Zagato PRICE REDUCTION

Body styleCoupé
Mileage56473 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • 2.0 Engine - gearbox - rear axle technical specifications
  • Fully restored condition
  • Extensive (history) file

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The Junior Zagato is Ercole Spada’s vision of the 105 series, the range best known for the Giulia, ‘Bertone’, Berlina, and Spider. The Junior Zagato, or JZ for short, appeared at the Turin Motor Show in 1969 and was built on the platform of the Spider 1300. As was often the case in Italy at the time, the JZ was shuffled from one place to another: the chassis was built at Pininfarina, with a shortened section behind the rear wheels. The car then went to bodywork company Maggiore for installation of the body, before being transported to Zagato for further production of the car.
Under the hood is the well-known 1,290 cc Nord engine from the GT 1300 Junior. The design is very modern for its time, with sleek lines, headlights behind the plastic front panel, and a flat dashboard with the beautiful meters Alfa Romeo is well-known for. The largely glass rear hatch of the JZ can be opened with the push of a button to allow warm air to escape through the narrow gap that is created.

Like many Alfa Romeos from the 105 series, the JZ is also very popular with enthusiasts of sporty driving who don’t mind sacrificing some originality for better driving characteristics and even better performance. This beautiful blue 1300 JZ is no exception. This Zagato was equipped with a 2-liter Nord engine, also seen in a Bertone, Berlina, or Spider. All related parts were also moved over, including the gearbox and rear axle of a powerful variant. With a two-litre engine, a JZ suddenly becomes a pretty fast car, with the power going from about 90 hp to around 130 hp. The very recognisable intake sound of the hoarse-breathing Weber carburettors makes it a true experience.

Before we go for a drive, let’s take a look at the condition of the car, which can be described as very good. The bodywork has already been completely and professionally restored. No rush job, as it took a few years to complete the full restoration, during which the Italian coupe was completely stripped down. The stack of invoices over respective decades shows how the owner treated the car: very meticulously. The blue body is extremely tight, with good attention paid to bodywork seams and fit, making the minimally designed coupe look very sharp. Related items such as bumpers, chrome trim, and lighting components also look worthy of applause.

The interior has been just as fully overhauled as the bodywork. The bucket seats not only feel fantastic, they are also beautifully upholstered, and the carpets in the car are of very good quality. The characteristically designed dashboard with stylish gauges is also in top condition, and all instruments perform exactly what they are required to do. Behind the wheel, there is no mistaking it: this feels like a sports car, even before you put the key in the ignition. The extremely low seating position, narrow body, and generous glass area make the car very pure.
The technology of this JZ is very well put together. With around 130 hp of power and a very modest weight of around 1,050 kilograms, the Zagato can rightfully be called lively. The proven technology also ensures that you can enjoy the classic Italian car without any problems. And enjoy it you will: driving and steering such a JZ such incredible fun. Encouraging and enthusiastic, the Junior follows the driver’s instructions. And not quietly or without making an impression but with full Italian temperament: perhaps even louder!

The Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato is one of the possible entry opportunities in the world of Zagato. Just over 1,100 1300 JZs were made, ensuring you of something quite special. This restored vehicle comes with the original Fahrzeugbrief as well as lots of paperwork confirming it came over to the Netherlands after a few years. The many inches of paperwork, documentation and correspondence will keep the new owner pleasantly busy on many an evening. There are also a few magazines describing the Junior Zagato driving experience. An exceptionally tidy and complete example this lovely 1300 Junior Zagato is.

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