BMW 735i Manual gearbox PRICE REDUCTION!

Body styleSedan
Mileage158116 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • 2 Owners from new
  • Service-history
  • Great original condition

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Price reduction € 17.500,- now € 14.750,-

The second generation of the 7 Series started with the E32, . The model was first introduced in 1986, and at that time, there was really nothing better to buy than this Bavarian flagship. It was an absolute top class car as well as beautifully designed. Back then, it might have been considered quite large, but today it’s actually a slim and beautiful car. Times change.

Fortunately, not much changed during the life of this 1989 735i. It was originally sold in the Netherlands on the 23rd August 1989. The first owner opted for the 3,430 cc inline-six engine, known as the M30B35. With 211 hp and 305 Nm of torque, it always provided more than enough power to accelerate the 735i. Of course, also twelve-cylinders and later eight-cylinders were available, but this most powerful six-cylinder from the stable is the perfect balance between power, smoothness, and affordability.

After three years, this E32 was sold to its second owner. This owner traded in their ten-year-old 7 Series at the time and never sold the new acquisition. For over thirty years, the owner cherished their beautifully Royal Blue 7 Series. The second owner bought the car with 76,978 kilometres on the odometer and clocked Up approximately the same amount themselves over next thirty years. Needless to say, this large German limousine is still in excellent condition. The paint is in incredibly beautiful condition and is still the original paint that the car left the factory with. It is well-known that BMW made cars for eternity back then, and this 735i is living proof of that. No rust or unpleasant surprises, perfect panel gaps, lighting components that seem to have suffered nothing over thirty years with everything exudes quality.

The BMW is equipped with the original wheels, which is almost a rarity. This 735i has escaped the fate of many cars of this era that often fell into the hands of owners with differing views of the “ideal 7 Series.”

The interior perfectly matches the rest of the car in terms of quality. Indigo velour was chosen as interior upholstery. The interior perhaps demonstrates the build quality even more than the exterior. While the mileage may be low, the car is still 34 years old. But you wouldn’t know that with a BMW from that era. No weathered, dried out, or worn materials; nowhere will you find a component that suggests the cheapest solution was chosen. How the controls feel, how the glove compartment closes, and how the seats feel – there must have been a remarkable level of development in this car at the time. Just to complete the picture: the seats are not only in top condition but also incredibly comfortable. These are not overly firm seats with short cushions like we often see in modern cars; these are genuine seats. You can get in and drive to the south of France and still get out feeling refreshed. The sunroof allows the French sun and fresh breeze to enter the interior as well.

This 7 Series comes with the original maintenance books stamped by the official dealers where the car was serviced. The original manual is also present, along with the purchase invoice from 1992 and a few invoices showing that the brakes were replaced just 2,000 kilometres ago. In short, this car is ready for a beautiful future. Is it a collector’s car that only comes out for a sunny weekend drive? This 735i is more than beautiful and special enough for that. Is it a fantastic car to use regularly for daily rides? It is more than good and enjoyable enough for that. It is the ultimate example of a versatile car.

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