Chevrolet Corvette Split-Window 327 Coupé

Body styleCoupé
Mileage69739 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Finished in "Sebring Silver" over a black leather interior
  • The iconic and desirable first and "one year only" C2 Corvette
  • In the Netherlands since 2017 and since then top maintained by renowned specialists
  • In restored and excellent driving condition

Import & Export

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We see many enthusiasts here in Brummen, all with different preferences. A large group of these enthusiasts has a weakness for the American sports car. We find that unsurprisingly, because in the United States they created beautiful products. When it comes to music, Fender gave us the Telecaster guitar. When we think about cars, the Corvette quickly comes to mind.

The Chevrolet Corvette is a well-known and sought-after car, and the second-generation Corvette Sting Ray, which we offer here, is a beautiful example of that. At the time, the new model was considered a ‘sexy’ aerodynamic design. We still think so! The C2, as this model is also called, received a completely redesigned chassis, and this was the first Corvette with independent suspension, developed by Zora Arkus-Duntov. Also, new was the very first production of the Corvette coupe, which was immediately recognisable by its split rear window, hence the name ‘split-window’. 1963 was the only year that Chevrolet equipped the Corvette with this now famous rear window, so it is obvious today when we come across a closed Corvette with a ‘split-window’ that it is from 1963.

The brand-new Corvette immediately received praise, with Motor Trend testers noting: ‘We thought the old model could handle the curves fairly well, but there is no comparison with this new one.’ The model has become an American icon, partly because the car is known for its combination of European influences and American muscle.

Isn’t the Corvette beautiful in silver, don’t you think? This colour is called ‘Sebring Silver’, and the black leather interior is as equally beautiful! This example certainly does not skimp on the car’s upkeep. For example, the car comes with extensive documentation, from which we see that proper maintenance has been carried out in recent years, during which the previous owner replaced various fuel hoses, the fuel pump, the water pump, the intake manifold, and engine mounts.

Our example is the iconic and sought-after Corvette because of the ‘split-window’ and underwent restoration and revision work several years ago. The result? A beautiful Corvette in restored condition. The ‘Sebring Silver’ finish looks neat, and the overall appearance is good, including all fitted parts. In the interior, we find beautiful upholstery, also in good condition. The gauges look nice, and the interior as a whole looks neat. We can assure you that both under the hood and underneath the car, it is a clean vehicle.

Driving the Corvette is of course fantastic! The smell and sound of the engine are a delight for any enthusiast. The automatic transmission shifts well, and the Corvette drives as you would expect. This is partly due to the work done, but also to the necessary maintenance that this Corvette received.
If after reading this you are interested in this seeing a beautiful Chevrolet Corvette in the flesh, please contact us! You are more than welcome in Brummen.