The Maserati Indy was introduced to the general public at theTurin car show of 1968. Not one but two prototypes were on show. At the time Maserati underheld good relationships with both Ghia and Vignale. The Ghia stand showed the Maserati Sinum, a 2+2 designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro just before he started out for himself. The Vignale stand presented the Virginio Vario design. It would be his design that eventually became the production version of the Indy. Maserati was able to sell 1,104 Indy’s between 1969 and 1975, including 440 Indy 4200’s like this fine example. This Maserati Indy 4200 entered the Italian roads first on the 30th April 1971 in Bologna. It belonged to a successful lawyer. This was most definitely a man of style considering his choice in the wonderful colour combination, clearly a man with great taste. The car has been completely, body-off, restored and mechanically overhauled by experts. The car was rebuilt from scratch. The starting point was good as it was a matching numbers and coloured vehicle. The warm Italian climate and the caring attention of Maserati enthusiasts have helped preserve the car nicely. This Indy stands on 14 inch Borrani rims with correctly sized Michelin tyres. Despite the previous engine overhaul in 2016 the previous owner saw further opportunity to improve matters. Her engaged a Maserati specialist who totally took care of Indy’s mechanics. This extensive attention elevated this Indy from a fine to a top-class Indy. The fuel pumps were given new hoses and were recalibrated as were the overhauled carburettors, a new cooling system was fitted, a number of the transmission gaskets were replaced, new selector rods were fitted and the clutch cylinder rebuilt, the rear axle adjusted, the window mechanism replaced, the air-co system and heating totally replaced and re-pressurised, a number of other gaskets and relays were also replaced. Finally the engine was tuned. It is no wonder that all this work transformed a running Indy into a perfectly running Indy. The total bill of nearly € 8,000 was worth every single cent. The chassis and bodywork were restored with a lot of feeling towards keeping things authentic and both look great. The panelwork is nice and thin as well as correctly aligned. Following its restoration this Maserati was in regular use and this has helped keep the Indy looking and driving in great condition. During the restoration the original “Verde Indy” finish was chosen to re-spray the car. This was done to a high standard, which is still self evident today. The Maserati Certificate besides confirming the car’s authenticity also mentions that the Indy’s wheels are original too. During the restoration the interior trim was also tackled using supple Connolly leather and matching carpets in the original “senape” colour. The interior is now pristine. All of the switches and controls as gauges look fine and are in good working order. This Indy drives perfectly. The combination of the overhaul and extensive service ensure this car is in perfect shape. The delightfully supple engine invites you to make revs. The manual ZF gearbox works precisely, the brakes respond perfectly and the suspension takes care of the lovely road handling. This Indy also comes beautifully documented. There is a photo series relating to the restoration, the Maserati certificate, various manuals and test notes relating to factory testing when new. Maserati Indy’s come in various shapes and sizes when it comes to condition, but finding an Indy of this quality either the result of extensive research or handing an Indy over to a specialised expert restorer. One thing is sure, the result may well be the same but your wallet will be hit heavier than with this restored car. Die Gallery Aaldering in den Niederlanden existiert seit 1975 und ist Marktführer in Europa im Bereich von klassischen Fahzreugen. Es sind immer 400 klassische Fahzreuge und Sportwagen auf Vorrat. Bitte besuchen Sie unsere Website für den aktuellen Vorrat und weitere Informationen. Alle gezeigte Fahrzeuge sind zu besichtingen in unseren Ausstellungsräumen. Wir haben unseren Sitz unweit der deutschen Grenze, 95 Km Entfernung von Düsseldorf und 90 Km Entfernung von Amsterdam, gut erreichbar mit dem Zug, Auto, Taxi und Flugzeug. Transport und Versand weltweit kann versorgt werden, innerhalb von Europa fallen keine Importsteuern oder Zollkosten an. Unsere Kerntätigkeiten sind Ankauf, Verkauf und Konsignationverkauf. (im Auftrag vom Kunde) Wir versorgen alle Zulassungsunterlagen (H-Kennzeichen, Fahrzeugbrief, Wertgutachten usw.) für unsere deutsche- und Beneluxkunden. Bei uns können Sie auch leasen oder finanzieren! Unser Leasingpartner bietet maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für private und gewerbliche Kunden. Gallery Aaldering, Arnhemsestraat 47, 6971 AP Brummen in den Niederlanden. T. 0031-575-564055 Qualität, Erfahrung und Transparenz sind unsere besondere Merkmale! Wir freuen und auf Ihren Besuch.


Kraftstoff: Benzin
Modell: Coupé
Getriebe: Schaltgetriebe
Kilometerstand: 5340 Km
Power: -
Jahr: 1971
MwSt./Marge: Marge
Preis: € 89.950,-
+31 (0)575 56 40 55
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