Wilhelm Maybach started building the most luxurious cars from 1910 on. The brand always remained a local niche player, selling few cars. In 1960 Mercedes-Benz was able to acquire the rights to the brand. The brand stayed dormant in the Mercedes-Benz safe for nearly 40 years. Then in 1997, they decided to resurrect the brand. The plan was to bring a super limousine on the market. The client profile would be those who had outgrown the S-class and were ready to step up to Bentley or. Rolls-Royce. The eventual portfolio consisted out of two models, the Maybach 57 and the Maybach 62. Mercedes-Benz has also noted the demand for a coupé version. Bentley scored well with the Brooklands and Rolls-Royce effortlessly sold the Phantom Coupé. Those two had the wind behind them, which as Mercedes-Benz soon realised the Maybach didn’t. It wasn’t the success Stuttgart had hoped for. However, a coupé version had to come. Tuner Xenatec also was playing with the idea to build a coupé based on the Maybach 57. The quality of Xenatec’s approach was of such a high standard that the two brands decided to cooperate. The plan was to build no more than 100 of the Maybach 57S Xenatec Coupé. The count actually halted at only 8 cars. To start with the 57S was given a more powerful engine producing 612 Ps instead of 550 Ps. Our was ordered by top footballer Samuel Eto'o whilst still playing for Inter Milan. Since its delivery on the 18th June 2010 the car has only clocked up 13,500 km. The car has a Baltic Black finish with an Alaska Weiß interior trim. Both paintwork and brightwork are in very good condition. The bodywork itself is in excellent shape. The electronically operated boot lid shuts perfectly. Despite their size and weight the doors shut easily as does the bonnet. Quality is there in abundance. The quite tasteful interior is pristine. Once inside you can really appreciate the use of only the very best materials. The Alaska Weiß interior trim contrasts beautifully with the black exterior. The dashboard is clad in black and white leather. The centre console has a carbon fibre inlay. As you would expect of a top-segment car, you will want for nothing in this Maybach. Every luxury touch has been tough of. The Maybach 57S Xenatec Coupé has for instance; air suspension, Sat-Nav, a Bose audio system, telephones both rear and front, folding tables, double glass, electric boot lid release, champagne cooler, electrically adjustable, heated and ventilated seats all around with memory function amongst many other accessories. There are simply too many to mention here except for a feature deserving special mention; the three roof-mounted gauges in the middle of the car, allowing the rear seat passengers to check the time, speed and outside temperature. The 57S has a 6.0-litre Bi-turbo V12 engine developing 612 Ps and 1,000 Nm of torque. It has a 5-speed automatic gearbox. She is rather nimble considering her size and weight, taking just 5 seconds to reach 100 km/hr without any loss of comfort. This Maybach has its car wallet, the original Maybach book supplied with every new Maybach, a Maybach scarf in its original box, a copy of the price list, two keys and a trickle charger for when the car is garaged for longer periods. In short, this is an exceptionally rare super coupé presented in brilliant condition with a wonderful provenance to boot! Die Gallery Aaldering in den Niederlanden existiert seit 1975 und ist Marktführer in Europa im Bereich von klassischen Fahzreugen. Es sind immer 400 klassische Fahzreuge und Sportwagen auf Vorrat. Bitte besuchen Sie unsere Website www.gallery-aaldering.com für den aktuellen Vorrat und weitere Informationen. Alle gezeigte Fahrzeuge sind zu besichtingen in unseren Ausstellungsräumen. Wir haben unseren Sitz unweit der deutschen Grenze, 95 Km Entfernung von Düsseldorf und 90 Km Entfernung von Amsterdam, gut erreichbar mit dem Zug, Auto, Taxi und Flugzeug. Transport und Versand weltweit kann versorgt werden, innerhalb von Europa fallen keine Importsteuern oder Zollkosten an. Unsere Kerntätigkeiten sind Ankauf, Verkauf und Konsignationverkauf. (im Auftrag vom Kunde) Wir versorgen alle Zulassungsunterlagen (H-Kennzeichen, Fahrzeugbrief, Wertgutachten usw.) für unsere deutsche- und Beneluxkunden. Bei uns können Sie auch leasen oder finanzieren! Unser Leasingpartner bietet maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für private und gewerbliche Kunden. Gallery Aaldering, Arnhemsestraat 47, 6971 AP Brummen in den Niederlanden. T. 0031-575-564055 Qualität, Erfahrung und Transparenz sind unsere besondere Merkmale! Wir freuen und auf Ihren Besuch.


Kraftstoff: Benzin
Modell: Coupé
Getriebe: Automat
Kilometerstand: 13509 Km
Power: 612 PS
Jahr: 2010
MwSt./Marge: Marge
Preis: € 795.000,-
+31 (0)575 56 40 55
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795000 EUR

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