Facel Vega FV3

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage76334 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Very original
  • Famous movie car
  • Lovely condition

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A is a special kind of car in whatever condition it is in. If, however, it is so exactingly original as this convertible, then we have something truly rare on our hands. An unbelievable original Facel with most likely its original coat of paint. With such a beautiful patina, it would be a crying shame to attempt to restore her.

Going back in time, back to 1954 to be precise. Facel presented the Vega at the Paris Autosalon of 1954. It is a very exclusive French car measuring itself to the Rolls-Royce and even a bit more expensive. Not only does it look American, but under the bonnet, it is typical USA with its DeSoto 4.5 litre Hemi V8 engine. Over the years there are minor changes to the Facel until in 1956 the large panoramic windscreen is introduced. In 1957 handling was made easier with the addition of power steering and servo brakes.

This also happens to be the very same year our stately grey convertible was handed to its first owner, a Swiss lawyer. After five years the car finds its way to France, where it remained until now. The car has a bit of fame attached to it being featured in a big article in a 1991 edition of the Auto Retro magazine (included with the car’s paperwork) as well as featuring in the 2008 film Sagan. The Facel not only can be seen in the film but there are also pictures of it in the “making of”.

Its current condition is definitely unique. The FV3’s bodywork is sumptuous in its originality. The paintwork has lost its lustre, leading us to believe that this must be the original coat the car left the factory with. There are a few blemishes that would be a shame not to leave as a mark of the time. The same counts for the rest of the exterior, which you would not exactly describe as being pristine but enhance the car’s time-machine image. The chrome and stainless steel parts have withstood the ravages of age remarkably well and are a tribute to Facel’s high-quality use of material. The logos, lighting components and rubbers are sound, so we would not advice replacing them either.

The magic word of authenticity also accounts for when describing the car’s interior trim. Other than having been fully reupholstered in the past it is totally intact and presents very well indeed. The dashboard is original with woodwork showing a delightful amount of patina. The steering wheel, gauges and switching gear are all original and in good working order.

The roof shuts fine but you really would only be inclined to drive this “Voiture Magnifique” with its roof down. We expect the hood may no longer be entirely waterproof anymore, but there again would you want to get rid of it?

The FV3’s engine is a gigantic 6.279cc Chrysler Typhoon V8 with 365 hp at its disposal and in a great state of maintenance. Its condition is in keeping with the rest of the car, which is not that strange taking its well-documented and most likely authentic 76,334 kilometres on the clock.

Taking a look underneath the Facel all appears to be quite healthy again. It is clear this chique convertible has led a pampered life.

We cannot foresee there will ever be a more authentic example in such fine condition.

We have to conclude by stating that one word suffices and that is: Unique!

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