Ferrari 208GT4 Dino

Body styleCoupé
Mileage31088 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Very nice condition
  • Previously restored
  • Well maintained

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In the early 70’s was working on a successor to the Dino 246. The brilliant, Pininfarina designed, compact mid-engined two-seater design has been superseded by the competition, who massively were going for shaper lines. That meant a complete change of tact. Bertone was invited to Ferrari headquarters and a deal for the new project was quickly struck.
Gandini, working at Bertone, made the draught for the 308 GT4. None of the lines remained the same as it predecessor but the concept stayed the same: a compact mid-engined sportscar. Where the 206 and 246 Dino’s were fitted with a six-cylinder, the 308 GT4 and later 208 GT4 housed an eight-cylinder behind the 4 seats. Initially the car features the Dino badge with no sign of the prancing horse emblem. From 1976 the 2+2 was finally marketed as a Ferrari with Ferrari-logos on its bodywork, wheels and steering wheel.

For many years 208 GT4 and 308 GT4 were undervalued, a situation that fortunately has completely changed. More and more people now value this beautiful Gandini creation, which is reflected in its increasing worth.
We have a new addition to our stock in this very fine 208 GT4, with an Azzuro finish and stylish natural hide and blue detailing inside. Being a July 1976 car it carries the Ferrari-logos. Having been fully restored and overhauled in the past this car presents particularly well. Since then the car has been cherished and selectively used, leaving us with its current very fine condition.

The Dino’s bodywork has a lovely coat of paint with a deep lustre and virtually no signs of use. The door close neatly and the alignment is spot on. The panel edges are all equal and straight. Both the brightwork as the alloys are in excellent, undamaged condition.
A look inside does not meet us with any unpleasant surprises. The more or less original upholstery is in an admirable condition, with the blue centre pieces perfectly matching the original blue carpets. It all has a typical 70’s atmosphere. The fully functioning dashboard looks lovely, decked with its many gauges and instruments. All of the switching gear is also in great working order with many of them seated on the dashboard and those Ferrari could not fit there housed on the middle console, where we also find the original factory-fitted Borletti air-conditioning.

This Dino has a V8 with a mere 1,990 cc engine volume. It was especially intended for the Italian market in order to avoid hefty tax on engines over 2 litres. With 180 hp it may not be the fastest Ferrari ever but it makes it up with a sensational experience of handling and road holding. A dino 208 GT4 always drives well and this one is no exception. Because of its light weight it is none the less a very quick car, its performance is however simply trumped by the driving pleasure.

Following its restoration the car always enjoyed the excellent maintenance it rightly deserved. This means this 208 GT4 is mechanically perfectly sound, with nothing requiring attention. After years of standing in the shadow it is now the Dino’s time in the limelight and that is most certainly true for this very fresh-faced 208 GT4!

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