Jaguar SS100 Re-creation by Suffolk PRICE REDUCTION

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage3380 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • An accurate replica of Jaguars legendary 1930’s sports two-seater - the SS100
  • Extensively built and with an eye for detail by the previous owner
  • The Jaguar XJ6 engine ensures excellent driving qualities
  • Provided with Dutch registration certificate
  • Equipped with a Ov

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Price reduction € 134.500,- now € 115.000,-!


The past few years have been incredibly successful, with hundreds of classic and sports cars finding new homes around the world.
As a result of our success, we’ve received a large number of trade-in vehicles. Now, we’re thrilled to offer these cars at special sale prices!
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The SS 100 is a legend, an icon, a… alright you get the picture, we are always get excited when it comes to vehicles that illustrate the pinnacle of the automotive industry. Sometimes cars are so special that they are almost impossible to come by. Fortunately, there are alternatives. In Brummen, we are now offering an accurate replica, but first a little piece of history about the Jaguar SS 100.

Jaguar set the tone with the SS 100, both in terms of design and racing. Sir William Lyons, also known as Mr. Jaguar, made the transition from building car bodies on chassis from other manufacturers to launching a world-winning sports car in just six years. This demonstrated Sir William Lyons’ talent. Production began in 1936, and this great car was capable of reaching a top speed of nearly 160 kilometers per hour. But that’s not all. This Jaguar was known for its graceful design and a price that was only a fraction of its exotic rivals.

Okay, let’s continue on a bit more. The Jaguar SS 100 was also highly successful in racing. Tom Wisdom won the International Alpine Trials in 1936, followed by the RAC Rally. From 1937 on, the SS 100 transitioned to a fully steel construction with a stiffer chassis and a wider body with larger doors. The engine was bored out to 3.5 liters and developed 125 hp with a modified manifold. Only 118 units were produced, making this Jaguar an absolute rarity.

Back to Brummen. Here we offer a beautiful Jaguar SS 100 Re-creation, which is seen by connoisseurs as a very accurate replica of the legendary SS 100. Since original examples are for sale at astronomical prices, Suffolk Sports Cars offers a very high-quality alternative with a good reputation. Most of these cars are equipped with Jaguar XJ6 suspension, brakes, steering, drivetrain, and engine. This specimen has a beautiful dark green ‘racing green’ color and light green leather upholstery with dark green carpets.

The assembly was carried out by the previous owner with attention to detail and was completed in 2021. Of course, our stunning car is registered and ready for road use. As you would expect, it is in very good condition and comes with a Dutch license plate. Thanks to the XJ6 technology, you are assured of excellent driving characteristics.

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