Lamborghini Murcielago LP580

Body styleCoupé
Mileage48174 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Arancia Atlas
  • Low mileage
  • Superb condition

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Arancio Atlas is the name of the colour you undoubtably noticed when perusing the photos. The Murciélago was tasked with succeeding its iconic forebears, the Countach and immediate predecessor the Diablo. The Murciélago acquitted itself and became one of the greatest supercars of the ‘00’s. It was also the first car built under the Audi flag, who had bought back in 1998. It is seen as one of the biggest turning points in the history of bull logo brand, making giant leaps since then in reliability and quality of finish.
The last thing that means is that this Lamborghini is a subtle car. Directly behind the front seats you can still find the mighty V12, which originated in the 1960s. Of course, every screw and bolt is now different. The tyrant provides an unparalleled explosion of power in the Murciélago and we can be just as jubilant about the sound that the mighty 6.2 liter manages to produce. The Murciélago is initially 580 hp strong, a power that causes a sensation when it is released on the asphalt via the four-wheel drive. A true spectacle, as is the fantastic manual gearbox that is still available in the two-seater, as well as an automatic gearbox. Fortunately, the car you see here allows you to shift gears yourself, not only a pleasure but also an increasingly rare opportunity to get your hands on a manual supercar.

This originally Italian supplied Murciélago spent the majority of its life in France. With a southern sun reflecting of the sensational paintwork it would have burnt into every admirers retina, even in Dutch light it is clear this Murciélago looks extremely sharp. Normally this model looks huge, add a “LP640” body-kit to this “LP580” and the front bumper, flank air intakes and rear and it looks even bruter. Almost the whole car is made out of carbon-fibre save the aluminium roof and doors. Not wanting to state the obvious, we cannot escape mentioning that this car looks pristine.

Inside the excellence continues unabated. As colourful as its exterior, this “Lambo’s” interior is as black as the night, possibly compensating for the audacious exterior. You did have the option of other interior colours, but the first owner purposely decided to keep it sober. Just as it is on the outside, the inside is pristine, as if you are stepping into a brand new car. The power to the four wheel drive is transferred by means of a manual 6-speed gearbox, its gearstick strategically placed in the centre consul to eye-catching effect.

Next we come to describing the engine and other bits of tech of this orange mastodon. They have been meticulously maintained over all the years. A reassuring bundle of invoices as well as the original owner’s manual and service book set you mind at rest.
The maintenance is very well documented, the original instruction booklet and maintenance book are present and the latter has been kept and stamped from new. The thick stack of invoices also underlines the top condition of this car. All major and important maintenance has been done in recent years, with the latest achievement being a major service in July 2022 and no less than 35,000 euros worth of (preventive or otherwise) maintenance and care in November 2019. This car is ready from top to bottom for the next owner.

Whilst compromise and Lamborghini do not always tend to go together, we dare to say that this Murciélago manages that particularly well, this bull is an optimum compromise between the rawness of its predecessors combined with the reliability of its successors.

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