MG A 1500 Roadster

New arrival
Body styleCabriolet
Mileage98346 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • The show car for the Copenhagen Motor Show in 1956
  • Completely correct in the beautiful "Black over Red" color scheme as in 1956
  • 'Nut and bolt' restored to factory specifications
  • The British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Certificate is available for inspection

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The A is an incredibly delightful car for participating in classic tours and rallies, amongst other things. In addition to the world-famous MGB, the MGA is an iconic car that set the tone within the company during the second half of the 20th century. In every respect, this car was a completely different car compared to the MG TF. Some features of the MGA include its low design and exceptional stability. The emergence of the MGA was the result of the need for a streamlined ‘sporty’ car for private racers who wanted to participate in the 1951 Le Mans 24-hour race. Three prototypes of the MGA participated in Le Mans in 1955, two of which even finished in the top 20! This illustrates the impressive potential of the MGA in competition.
Although later model years may be slightly faster, we believe that the earlier examples are the most enjoyable due to their purity. With rack and pinion steering and independent suspension, the MGA combines a classic look with extremely good driving characteristics and (for that time) sporty performance. This makes this MG beloved by car enthusiasts, and it’s no wonder that the MGA was an important car for the brand and fortunately, quite a successful model.
This beautiful black example is from 1956 and was the show car for the 1956 Copenhagen Motor Show! We also find this back in the accompanying documentation. For example, there is a British Motor Industry Heritage Trust certificate, which presents the ‘factory record.’ We see that the car was originally black on the outside and red on the inside, just like it is now, and the first owner of this MG took possession of the car with disc brakes and a speedometer in kilometers per hour.
This car is in good condition. Several years ago, this MG was thoroughly restored and mechanically overhauled, so this MGA presents very nicely on all fronts. The colour combination of a black exterior and red interior is very attractive (although opinions may differ), but more importantly, the car was also delivered in this way at the time. Thanks to the restoration work, the exterior looks good with a deep black lustre and well-aligned fittings. In addition to a beautiful convertible top, the interior looks beautiful and well-maintained, and the restoration work in the interior is commendable. Both the steering wheel and the instrument panel are in fine fettle, and the whole looks very beautiful.
Under the hood, again all is in very good order, with a smoothly running engine. Naturally, driving the MG is as pleasing you would expect from an MGA. Thanks to the overhaul work, the car handles very well. The gearbox is easy to operate, as is the clutch, and driving this MG is a pure experience leaving one full of driving elation In addition, the underside of the car is also in good condition, and we can conclude that we are dealing with an MG that is ready to go on many beautiful trips. With the car, we have provided, as mentioned, the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust certificate.
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