Opel Kadett B 1900 Rallye

Body styleCoupé
Mileage56560 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Rare and sought after factory B 1900 Rallye
  • Ideal car for historic rally's

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We are back in the early 60’s when a successful decides to build a compact and affordable car using the old pre-war Kadett name. In 1962 the new Kadett is there and a few years later in 1966 the brand with the ‘Blitz’ logo presents a new and improved version, the Kadett B. Opel had tried a few sportive excursions with the model, the real success was thought up in Sweden.

In 1965 racing driver Ragnar ‘Ragge” Eklund was responsible for Opel’s sportscar division in Sweden. Where they had experimented with small engines in Germany, Eklund though it might be a good idea to spoon the new fierce 1900S engine into the small light car. The Swedes then proceeded to build a prototype and ship it out to Germany: And thus the Rallye legend was born.
Untuned the 1900S delivers 90 hp and with some weight sparing measures is good for some very attractive performance. The additional lights, wider wheels, mainly black bonnet and dark interior and headlining gave the Kadett a very sporty appearance as considered back then. Potential buyers could barely contain themselves at the Opel dealership with the huge amount of extra’s, such as a sturdier suspension pack with rear coil springs and even a 106 hp Sprint version.

Whilst most Kadett B Rally’s were naturally used for pleasure trips on the open road, successes were also booked in international motorsport. The 1900 Rallye’s were massively represented at Group 1 and 2 rally championships as well as earning podiums at the RAC Rally Championship.

The Kadett B 1900 Rallye you see here was first able to show its tricks in Sweden in 1970. It is the powerful 106 hp version. Originally it had a light blue finish. According to available information the car has only had a few owners. Mid 80’s the Opel Team Sweden bought the car under the direction of Ove Eriksson and Ragge Eklund, who went on to drive the Kadett in the 1986 Historic Jubilee Rally Göteborg-Stockholm in the form you see here. After the rally the car was garaged for the next 35 years. In other words you could own a little used Kadett B Rallye, that has not been abused and is A to Z ready to go on classic rallies.

This Kadett with chassis number 922022093 has relatively neat bodywork. Of course this no factory fresh car, but it has clearly also been spared any nasty accidents. The straight bodywork and correct alignment are evidence of an accident free past. Inside is ready for rallying with 4-point safety harnesses, bucket seats, roll cage and other essential rally attributes. The seats show signs of use but other than that the interior is very neat, especially for an actively used rally car.
Meanwhile the car has been prepared for service again. A few years ago the shock breakers, drive shafts, numerous tubes, brakes, fuel, ignition system and many other perishables were replaced. A complete overhaul as it were, supported by a substantial pack of Swedish invoices. That is why we are able to present this Kadett B 1900 Rallye ready for new challenges.

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