Body styleCabriolet
Mileage161250 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Perfect 911
  • With all attributes
  • Unique
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Every story attached to our advertised cars are read many thousands of times. We can therefore take it as almost read there are people amongst the readers of this text who in the ‘90’s were stopped in Holland by this exact “Korps Rijkspolitie” (state police) 911. This 964 was taken into service in 1993 by the Dutch police and clocked up no less than 103,000 km in its first year. In those days you would be inclined to drive just that little bit over the limit in order to be pulled to one side by this Porsche.

Porsche and the Rijkspolitie go back to 1962. It was the starting point for the collaboration allowing these gents to speed over the Dutch motorways in their stunning 356’s. It was an era that road traffic deaths started to mount up, necessitating setting up a special unit. The Porsches were a hit and various models passed through their hands. First there was the 356, then the 912, which the gents thought was to slow. The 912 therefore was exchanged for the 911’s. The first models were taken into service in the mid sixties and continued for some thirty years until in 1996 their collaboration ended.

The 911 you see here is a 1993 convertible, the changeover year from Targa to convertible. Fewer convertibles were supplied than the Targa’s that made up the Police force’s standard equipment. That makes this 911 convertible quite special on lots of fronts.

As aforementioned this 911 covered over 100,000 km in its first year of service. We must say we have never encountered a Porsche service book with so many stamps from the Porsche-dealership in one year. If there were ever Porsche’s manically serviced to the hilt, it was the car fleet of the boys in blue. In following years in the 911’s existence were quieter according to the service book mileage tally. To be precise from 1998 onwards the Carrera 2 was used a lot less and from 2009 on it was only put into duty on a few occasions. The maintenance none the less was kept up fastidiously.
It wont surprise you that will the additional 60,000 km and its maintenance record, this 911 is in concours condition. Better still the car could be seen as nearly new, as in 1995 the engine was completely stripped down and overhauled at 115,937 km by the servicing dealership. Not that the engine was used up, the opposite. They simply kept the car in pristine shape.

The visual components of the interior and exterior are in formidable shape. The paintwork and stickers are mint and all of the typical police attributes are present. The A-style flashing beacon, the blue fogs lights, the feared “STOP POLITIE” sign attached to the rear light configuration: everything is still in its place and has official permission for the car to be used at special events and on road trips. You may then not be allowed to use the flashing lights and siren, but in truth which policeman in their Mercedes-Benz B-Class or Audi is going to stop you in your Porsche?

The interior too is still fully loaded including the original communication apparatus. These Police gents took great care of their material, currently leaving the inside in peak condition.

This car comes inclusive of its original owner’s manual and service booklet, invoices, numerous dispensations, the necessary original period Police-stickers and to top it all an original Police jacket, size XL. To be honest even it is not you size you will no doubt be enormously enthused by this car’s provenance, the car itself is ‘one size fits all’ as far as we are concerned!

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