Rolls-Royce Phantom II Boat-Tail PRICE REDUCTION

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage10236 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Ex Prince Pratap Singhrao Gaekwad
  • Factory show car India

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First owner: Prince, Pratap Singhrao Gaekwad (1908 –1968) the 13th Maharaja of Baroda. As Best Car in the World The Phantom II was a worthy successor to the Silver Ghost and the New Phantom. A total of 1767 Phantom II chassis were built between 1929 and 1935. These were all commissioned by the buyers, to taste, with renowned coach builders and under the auspices of Ltd, equipped with special bodywork. The history of this real globetrotter Phantom II chassis number 70WJ is fully known and documented. In September 1929 the rolling chassis was delivered by coachbuilder Barker to be equipped with an “Open Tourer coachwork. Upon completion, the car was shipped on January 10 1930 from Liverpool on the SS Brittania to Bombay, where the local Rolls-Royce dealer delivered the Phantom II to its first owner, the 21 year old Prince Pratap Singhrao, whom used the car for hunting tigers. Several photos illustrate this period in India. In 1934 the Phantom II was sold to Mr. Keith Williams living in London, which mainly used the car to drive to his country house in Brighton. In 1940 Mr. N. Gordon (also in London) bought the Phantom II and had owned it up to May 1967 when Mr. John Smart, who lived in Llorret de Mar (Spain) transported the car to Spain. Over there, near Gerona, about fifty years ago, the renowned company ‘Carrocerias Vert (source Andre Blaize), carried out a partial conversion of the original, some heavy-looking, Barker-carriage in to a body with a – in beauty -Elegant “Boat Tail” design. Josep Vert, who specialized as a bodybuilder of exclusive cars (i.o. 22 converted Rolls Royce’s, 3 Bentley’s and 16 Hispana-Suiza’s from his hand) has the now presented Phantom II chassis number 70WJ also made by a partial conversion prettier and more attractive compared to the initially supplied Barker coach. Immediately after the body technical intervention by Josep Vert, the Phantom II was purchased in 1968 by Thomas Watson jr. in Connecticut (USA) who gave the car to his brother Arthur for its 20th wedding anniversary! The Phantom II remained until 1994 within the same family Watson. For you as additional information: the Watson family owned IBM. Thomas J. Watson jr. was beside CEO of IBM also ambassador to the US in the Soviet Union. His brother Arthur K. Watson (Dick for friends) was responsible for the international expansion of IBM World Trade Corporation. Arthur was later the US ambassador to France and was the first liaison officer between the US and China. At Yale University in New Haven there is a building named after him (the Arthur K. Watson Hall). The Watson family belonged to the US’s most influential families and moved in the circles of the Rockefeller and the Kennedys. Through mediation in Rolls-Royce circles well known John Fasal (he was, among other, author of the book “The Maharaja’s Rolls Royce’s) the Phantom II chassis number 70WJ arrived in 1994 back to England to be included in the Ashdown Collection. The Rolls-Royce has during this period the English registration JX2851. Until 2010 the car remained in the collection and ended up with the current owner through an auction. Since 2010, the car is fully recommissioned . The engine is a overhauled for a small fortune by a renowned specialist, pistons, clutch, camshaft and cylinder head are renewed. This also applies to the radiator, the nickel work (performed by Derby Plating in the UK) and the Vacuum pump. The car is returned to its original color “New Ivory” and ” Mandeville Blue” (lavender) as then delivered to the 13th Maharaja of Baroda and is “fully ready to go. In summary, a breathtaking beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom II from the Roaring Twenties of the last century now offered, which is fully documented. Also, a set of factory documents anno 1929 Rolls-Royce completes the history file. The Phantom II is now at the Gallery in Brummen and you are welcome to come and see her and experience. For you a significant opportunity to invest in terms of history and state of health in an excellent Rolls-Royce Phantom II with an Open Boat Tail Tourer body which the English so aptly called a ‘Head Turner. Pre- owners: Januari – maart 1930 Rolls Royce factory showcar in India, Maart 1930 – 1934 Prince Maharaja of Baroda, 1934 – 1940 Keith Williams London – Brighton, 1940 – 1967 N. Gordon – London, 1967 John Smart > boat tail conversion at Josep Vert in Gerona Spain, 1968 – 1994 Familie Watson USA IBM owners, 1994 – 2010 Ashdown collection UK, 2010 – 2014 Rupert Blijlevens NL. Over 350 Classic and sportscars in stock. More information and photos on Or contact us by phone: 0031-575-564055