Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV Bertone

Body styleCoupé
Mileage90725 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • "Beige chiaro metallic" with green tinted glass
  • Coachwork designed by Carrozzeria Bertone’s Giorgetto Giugiaro
  • Well-balanced and perfectly driving Alfa Romeo
  • After restoration well maintained and cared for by the last owner for three decades

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An 2000 GTV Bertone is a wonderful car to drive. As we always say: a true car enthusiast drives an Alfa before buying a Ferrari. We started our journey with Alfas, so we have a special affinity for them, and that remains, even though we have been around since 1975. The Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV is remarkable in many ways. The beautiful proportions for a compact coupé make the exterior a fantastic sight. The design comes from the famous Giorgetto Giugiaro, who has designed many iconic cars. Then there is the driving pleasure; we are huge fans of the handling and driving experience that this Alfa offers.

The 105 series was introduced in 1963, first as the Giulia Sprint GT. This Alfa was enormously popular for a reason. It brought a beautiful design, combined with excellent driving characteristics for its time. This Giulia had a 1,600 cc engine with over 100 hp. It quickly became clear that this thoroughbred Italian also had potential for competition. It didn’t take long before Alfa came out with the GTA. The following year, Alfa introduced the GTV, where this potential was harnessed for use on public roads. The Alfa program was expanded with the GT 1300 Junior, a very attractive coupé that still has a large group of enthusiasts today. Let’s fast-forward a bit: in 1967, the 1750 GTV appeared, and in 1971, the 2000 GTV, which we present here. For many, this is the most beloved variant, although opinions on this may differ. We sometimes hear: that’s not true, it’s the 1750. We can assure you that both Alfas are fantastic because we are convinced of it! The 2000 GTV is known as the most powerful variant, with about 130 hp under the hood.

This Bertone is from 1973 and has undergone restoration and revision work in the past. The neat bodywork, finished in the color ‘Beige Chiaro Metallic’, is really nice. The sheet metal is sleek, and the panels fit well together, as you would expect after restoration work. The chrome work and stainless steel accents are also in good condition. The wheels are neat, and the same goes for the windows. The underbody of this Alfa is in good condition. Take a look at the photos for an impression.
The interior of the GTV has black upholstery with black carpets, and the whole car is in neat condition. The characteristic 70s dashboard houses the necessary Jaeger instruments, which are all clearly visible behind the large wooden steering wheel. The headliner is also beautiful, and it is a pleasure to take the wheel of this Alfa.

With the five-speed gearbox and fine engine, it is really enjoyable to drive this Alfa Romeo. The gearbox shifts well. The engine itself has a beautiful and sporty sound during acceleration and also sounds healthy. The two-liter engine is known for its torque-rich character and delivers enough power to drive wonderfully. The driving characteristics of a 2000 GTV are perfectly balanced with fantastic handling. The combination of sportiness and comfort is excellent, and this example drives as we are used to from a good Alfa.

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