Sell your car

We take care of the sales process

We sell a vast number of cars a year globally and this offers you the opportunity of selling your car in a short amount of time. In general it turns out to be quite difficult for a private individual to sell a classic car for a good price.

With decades of experience, a global network and a showroom with thousands of visitors we can take care of the sales process. Letting us sell your car means you will benefit from all our facilities and experiences without having to worry about anything. We will take care of every detail from advertising to registration. We will inspect your car with you to come to a reasonable price. This will be the price you receive after we sell your car. This will give us the option to trade in another vehicle and widen the sales opportunities. Many customers want to trade in a car but most private sellers and classic car dealers don’t accept another vehicle in return. We do offer this opportunity.

The car will be thorougly cleaned by our professional detailers. We will make a series of pictures of your car in accordance with the rules of our advertising channels. We also publish your car on our successful website and in (international) magazines and on external trade websites. By putting your car in our showroom we further raise awareness among many potential buyers from all over Europe and the rest of the globe.

Please contact us for details about adding your car to our collection and handing over every aspect of the sales process.