Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto 1600

New arrival
Body styleCabriolet
Mileage76455 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Restored condition
  • "Avorio" with a Black leatherette upholstery
  • Sensational Pininfarina styling
  • One of 6.341 first series Duetto's
  • The Duetto had a leading role in the 1967 hit film 'The Graduate'

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Gallery Aaldering originally started with . So, whenever an Alfa arrives in Brummen, it always brings us joy!
Let’s travel back to 1966 and the Geneva International Motor Show, where Alfa Romeo unveiled the 1600 Spider, now known as the ‘Duetto’. This was the last project led by Giovanni Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina. The foundation of the 1600 Spider was based on the Giulia Sprint GT, but with a shortened wheelbase of 225 mm. The car was powered by a 1,570-cc engine with two carburetors, producing approximately 109 hp. With the combination of this powerful engine, a five-speed gearbox, independent front and rear suspension, disc brakes all around, and a weight of approximately 990 kg, the Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider is a fantastic car to drive. It’s no surprise that this model is highly sought after by enthusiasts.

With its iconic design and exceptional driving performance, the Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider remains a timeless classic. Thanks to the precise balance between power and lightweight construction, this car offers an unparalleled driving experience. Whether you’re looking for a collector’s item or a sporty convertible for summer drives, the Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider never disappoints.

This particular example looks beautiful and has been restored and overhauled in the past. About 30 years ago, it was relatively easy to find very good examples, but that’s no longer the case these days. That’s why we’re delighted to have a fresh Alfa Duetto Spider in our collection once again. And this Alfa looks stunning in the color Avorio with black upholstery. We have a soft spot for it!

This is an early Alfa Duetto from 1967, and according to literature, only 6,341 first-series cars were built. This makes it not only rare but also highly desirable among enthusiasts. This Alfa still looks very beautiful with neat and fresh paint. The same goes for the chrome work, such as the bumpers and hubcaps. Overall, the car looks very presentable, and this Alfa Romeo invites you to hop in and drive to the South of France.

The interior is also very attractive, with the upholstery of the seats, door panels, instrumentation, and dashboard all in great condition. The overall appearance is very neat.

Thanks to the five-speed gearbox, independent front and rear suspension, and disc brakes all around, this Duetto offers an outstanding driving experience and promises many enjoyable (sunny) kilometers. Under the hood, the car is in good condition. This example drives excellently. The engine runs smoothly, the gearbox shifts smoothly, and the brakes, thanks to the disc brakes, feel safe and reliable.

In our opinion, Alfa Romeos always have something special. They have character and are a feast for the eyes. With only 6,341 first-series examples, this is a wonderful opportunity to own a beautiful Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider.
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