Allard K2

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage65037 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Fully mechanically rebuilt condition
  • Long term ownership
  • Full known history since new
Price on request

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You may not know , it doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, Allard never became a major player. The modest sports car manufacturer was founded in London in 1945. The concept was actually brilliant and was later confirmed by established names such as Caroll Shelby and Sunbeam. What Sydney Allard did was design a great driving chassis with a lightweight aluminum body and put in the biggest V8 you can find. Allards were therefore light and fast and were praised for their fantastic handling and good value for money. In the end, Allard, like so many British sports car manufacturers, went under. Only 119 of the K2 were produced in total and only 25 are said to have survived.

This copy was delivered new in the United States and remained with the first owner for no less than 37 years. He then sold the car to an enthusiast who also took care of the car for a longer period of time. We sold the car in 2010 to the last owner who, excuse the expletive, has taken excellent care of the car for the past 12 years. The Allard could not have gone to a better home. The previous owners have decided to have the car undergo a partial restoration and partial overhaul. The way in which they have worked can only be described as very restrained with as much authenticity as possible.

Although the body was in very good condition, the paint could not be saved after 60 years. The paint that was still on the car was examined in a laboratory to determine the original color. The color was then mixed and the car was repainted in its original colour. However, the chrome moldings and bumpers and the like were left alone to preserve the original appearance of the car as much as possible. The look of the Allard is therefore wonderful. You can immediately see that this is not a standard full restoration from the book and it actually only makes the car more fun.

The interior was also completely original. So original that it could no longer be saved. There is an extensive photo series with the car and the photos of the original interior actually leave nothing to the imagination. The original leather was worn down to the thread and no longer usable. The car therefore received completely new upholstery, which was manufactured in accordance with the original patterns. The seats were refilled and the carpets were completely renewed. The instruments were all refurbished and function as they should. But what is that sticking out of the bottom of the car? Is that a Hirsch shifter?

Yes, the car was given a completely overhauled engine and transmission. That was necessary because the technique was pretty tired. The technique broke up to the last screw. All bolts were recoated and some upgrades were also mounted, such as the aforementioned Hirsch shifter. The aim of the overhaul was that the Allard would be “bomb proof”. According to the previous owner, that goal was more than achieved because the engine gained considerably more power thanks to the expertly carried out overhaul. The brakes, the powertrain, the transmission: everything was returned to its former glory so that the Allard is not only a beautiful car to look at, but also a pleasure to drive and very important: fast! Because this Allard is certainly fast.

The documentation with the car is at least as beautiful as the car itself. For example, there is correspondence with members of the Allard club who endorse the wonderful history, the old manual has been preserved with the car, there are old titles available and last but not least a USB stick with many photos of the restoration, overhaul and later adventures of this beautiful and above all very rare Allard K2 from 1951.

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