Bentley 3-Litre

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage129275 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Original chassis
  • Vandenplas build to 4
  • 25-litre spec
  • Great history
  • Stunning car
Price on request

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Ladies and Gentlemen please take your seats as this is something truly special. This 3-litre, like many of his sort, has been fitted with a later 4.¼ litre engine. This Bentley 3-litre left the factory in 1925 as a “Speed” and is therefore, according to the Bentley lot, the best basis to build the most jolliest of Bentley 4.¼ litre homages.

In days gone past it wasn’t that easy to buy a car. These days you just step into your Bentley dealership and create the Continental, Flying Spur or Bentayga of your dreams, after which Bentley trundle off to start work on your behalf. In the past you ordered your chassis and drivetrain, took this to your favourite coachbuilder, who then followed your wishes for the bodywork and trim. This specific example has a Vandenplas 4-seater Tourer body. It still carries the same number plates it had in 1925; YL 4773.

It is an unbelievable car with fantastic provenance. Every owner since 1925 is known. The documents also show that in 1933 the car had already clocked up some 90,324 miles. That is pretty impressive considering the complete absence of motorways and the time it took to cover large distances, let alone an average 11,000 miles per annum.

As mentioned above the “Speed” is the favourite version of the 3-Litres. The short wheelbase is the ultimate platform to build a dream 4.5 litre. Bentley themselves only built 9 short wheelbased 4.5’s, so finding an original example is virtually impossible.

This specific example was completely rebuilt by a renowned UK Bentley expert in 2012. The ash body frame was repaired where needed and a new oaken dashboard was fashioned, new wheels furbished, a hydraulic braking system added and fished off with more or less a complete respray. This car is therefore absolutely in peak condition.

Both chassis and the bodywork are particularly fine. The car has a good quality hood. Inside everything looks fantastic. The oakwood dashboard provides place for perfectly functioning instruments. The green carpets and leather are in good shape in keeping with the car’s resplendence.

Mechanical this car is also very sound. The car was fashioned to become the ultimate Bentley 4.¼-litre (engine number: SP1407) on a Bentley 3-litre platform. This car was fitted with a Bentley “A-Type” transmission (No: 395) and different front axle (No: FA 2508). It also has new shock breakers. The differential and rear axle were replaced (Diff No: KM 3083, rear axle No: KD 2104) but the original steering box was kept (No: 1162).

The mechanicals mentioned in combination with the excellent rebuild have created a Bentley that is a feast to drive. Plonk yourself in the driver’s seat and you immediately imagine you are Woolf Barnato or Tim Birkin. Your environment changes to “La Sarthe” and speed is the only thing of essence. The large bore engine is always happy to provide ample power and the chassis takes care of the fantastic driving character.

The car comes plentifully documented, including a Fiva Pass. This is the favoured Betley 3-Litre short wheel base fitted with a 4.¼ Litre engine to a splendid handling car. If you seek authenticity, this is most likely not the car for you. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a fantastic Pre-war Bentley, brilliantly configured and with great provenance this is most definitely the perfect car for you.

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