Bentley Speed Eight Le Mans ‘Racing Green Engineering’

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage250 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Built at the request of Nico Aaldering/Gallery Aaldering on a short chassis and completed in 2023 with only test-mileage since completion
  • Rolls-Royce B81 straight-eight engine
  • A unique opportunity to experience the thrill of a classic open Bentley with period-correct touches and craftsmanship used throughout
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The full experience but completely ‘new’: that’s possible with this incredibly tasteful Speed 8 Le Mans with only 250 kilometers of test kilometers on the clock. This is a unique opportunity to experience the pre-war Bentley feeling, with period-correct parts and built with an incredible amount of craftsmanship. We are pleased to present to you this fantastic, legendary race car.

We are dealing here with a Bentley Speed 8, the legendary racer that made its name with two victories at Le Mans, during the equally legendary 24-hour race. You might think that we are dealing with a car that is almost 100 years old, but that is not the case. The connoisseur will know enough when we say that this car was built by Racing Green Engineering, but we’re happy to explain it again. This specialist is a well-respected ‘name’ in the Bentley world and manufactures ‘reincarnations’ of the old Bentley race cars on demand. That is exactly the case here with this beautiful Speed 8.

This Speed 8 was built in 2023, commissioned by a ‘good acquaintance’ of Gallery Aaldering: Nico Aaldering. The Bentley is built on the highly beloved short chassis. Before the construction of the Speed 8 began, this 1950s chassis was, of course, completely restored to new condition. Then Racing Green Engineering started building a unique car, because no creation of this exceptional company is the same as a previously built one.
A Bentley B81 engine was placed on the chassis, an eight-cylinder inline engine with 6,516 cc capacity and overhead inlet and exhaust valves. You can choose between a mechanical fuel pump or a dual-electric one. There are two fuel tanks, one with 86 liters and the other 40 liters.

The engine is coupled to a manual gearbox with four forward gears. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears are synchronized.
The chassis received an upgrade for better handling, making steering with the hefty Bentley steering wheel even more enjoyable.

Now, getting up to a considerable speed in such a ‘new’ Bentley is possible, and to keep it in this insane new condition, it’s nice that the speed can also be brought under control in a controllable manner. Hydraulic drum brakes at the front and mechanical drum brakes at the rear ensure this. A mechanical brake booster makes braking children’s play. These drums are housed in beautiful 21” spoke wheels with 21×7.00 tires and knock-off hubs.
All details are a great combination of ‘period correct’ and reliability. Of course, there is a 12V system present, combined with halogen lighting in the beautiful Lucas P100 headlamp units.

The bodywork is beautifully executed, and the same goes for the soft top. There is also a full tonneau cover for the car. The windshield can be folded down and is made of modern safety glass. A peek inside the interior will make your mouth corners curl in an upward fashion. The leather upholstery is naturally pristine, with the seats also being heated. It is quite convenient if you always want to drive open with a car like this. The woven carpets are the icing on the cake. The entire instrumentation is in correct and perfect condition.
We often end with a brief summary of the car, but we are almost certain that after reading the above text, you are already convinced. Should that not be the case, then we look forward to seeing you in Brummen for the final push, for which you secretly already know you don’t need it. The first owner will be on hand and will gladly tell you all about this car!