Bfg 1300 Odysée

Body styleTour
Mileage192 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Only 650 made
  • Recently over € 3.750 invested in maintenance
  • Very rare
Price on request

Import & Export

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We rarely even see this. A BFG motorcycle. BFG stands for Boccardo Favario & Grange. They were three French professors at the college of Chambéry. motorcycle enthusiasts who regretfully concluded that although France had the largest market for motorcycles, there was no French motorcycle for sale that could compete with Honda and BMW. That had to change and so they decided to have the students of the college draw up a plan that would make it clear whether it was possible to develop a motorcycle with French parts. The BFG eventually emerged from that. The engine came from a Citroën GSA and the dashboard from a Renault Alpine. The engine delivered more torque than the competitors and the tank, for example, came under the seat. So it was a very unique motorcycle of which only 650 pieces were eventually made. In the end it turned out that the company could not continue to exist and the company was dissolved. The parts that were left were sold to the BFG owners club who maintain an excellent parts supply to this day.

This example was first admitted to traffic in 1982 and has been in the possession of the same owner for more than 20 years, who has taken very good care of the engine. In recent years, more than € 3,750 has been invested in the technology of this BFG. The motorcycle is powered by a 1300cc four-cylinder boxer from the Citroën GSA. The previous owner bought the motorcycle 20 years ago with about 30,000 kilometers on the clock and has driven the motorcycle to just over 107,000 kilometers. Thanks to the extensive maintenance, the technology has been perfectly maintained and is in top condition. The engine therefore runs beautifully and the transmission can be operated exactly as well as the brakes. The exterior has some traces of use that match the age and mileage of the bike.

In the end, the counter got stuck at about 650 pieces of the BFG motorcycles. It can therefore rightly be called a very rare motorcycle that in this case comes with invoices of the recent maintenance and a few interesting pieces of other documentation. A typical motorcycle for someone who wants something different from others but does not want to compromise on quality of ride.


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