BMW 635 CSi “Sonderausstattung” 33.000 km!!

New arrival
Body styleCoupé
Mileage33276 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Desirable showroom quality
  • Rare options such as Buffalo Leather from factory - "3 Fahrprogramme EH" automatic gearbox - Elect.sliding roof - Board computer - M-Technic steering wheel
  • Original 33.276 kilometers
  • Livery in Alpinweiss
  • Accompanied with all booklets

Import & Export

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We had an incredible 635 CSi in our showroom with an unbelievably low mileage and it sold within a week. We mentioned that finding a better and more beautiful example was nearly impossible. Not long after, we found this 635 CSi with an even lower mileage and some very special options. Amazing!

Let’s dive into the history books. This beautiful model appeared in 1976 and was very well received by the public. This is not surprising, as the model is timelessly beautiful with its sporty lines and features the world-famous six-cylinder engine. Do you remember the typical BMW cockpit where everything is designed for the driver? The E24, as this model is also known, has that typical dashboard, and it is still a feast for the eyes after all these years. With a 6-series, you had bought a serious and potent car, capable of high-speed long-distance travel. The BMW engineers used the BMW 5-series of the time as a base but also introduced several aspects from the 7-series line, which was not yet in production.

What can we say about this? It is a stunning BMW 635 CSi from 1986 with wonderful options. With 33,000 km, we are dealing with a BMW that is barely broken in. The interior not only has a beautiful brown color that matches fantastically with the exterior, but the upholstery is buffalo leather – everything looks excellent. The car comes with an extensive maintenance history, including the original purchase invoice and original brochures with all the booklets, including the maintenance book. The history is available from the first day of delivery.

The white body color, Alpinweiss, looks stunning and flawless. The various body parts have perfect fitments, and the wheels are in new condition, just like the bumpers and windows. This BMW is now 38 years old, but it looks as if it were two years old. The underside of this BMW is just as beautiful; take a look at the photos for an impression.

In the interior, we find not only the buffalo leather but also a rich equipment list, including an electric sunroof, an on-board computer with extensive functions, an original BMW Bavaria radio, an automatic transmission with the desirable ‘3 Fahrprogramme,’ allowing you to choose between sporty or comfortable driving modes.

Under the hood, we find the famous six-cylinder engine, and everything under the hood looks like new. The engine runs silky smooth and sounds pure; the typical BMW sound that could still be heard in various models decades later.
Driving a BMW 635 CSi with 33,000 km is pure enjoyment. Not only does a BMW 6-series always drive superbly, but this extremely beautiful example drives practically perfectly. The required maintenance that has always been performed shows that the state is due not only to the low mileage but also to the necessary maintenance that has not been spared.

We don’t think this one will stay long, so if you are looking for a BMW 635 CSi with very few kilometers in almost new condition, this is your car. Contact us today; we are happy to assist you. You are very welcome at Gallery Aaldering in Brummen, active since 1975. We have years of experience exporting our vehicles worldwide, ask about the possibilities.

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