Chevrolet Corvette C3 350 Convertible

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage26652 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Restored condition
  • For more than 3 decades in Europe
  • Invoices from 1987 to the present organized and available for inspection
  • The American reference for sports cars
  • Paintwork in Cortez Silver over Black vinyl
  • In a great driver-quality.

Import & Export

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The Corvette is not only an icon in America, but holds practically the same status in the rest of the world, too. Highly beloved and available in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
A new chapter for Chevrolet began with the introduction of the Corvette C3 in 1967, the brand’s third model by then. With its rugged design, immediately recognised as a true muscle car, the C3 was a huge success right from its introduction. Unlike its predecessor, the C3 had less chrome, a more aerodynamic shape, and benefitted from a more powerful engine for sportier performance. The legend continued.
In 1969, Chevrolet introduced the 350 cu engine, also known as ZQ3. Customers had the choice between 300 or 350 hp. While some Europeans at the time might have had doubts about the performance of American cars, the Corvette in 1969 could certainly compete with the sports cars around at the time.

This restored and mechanically overhauled ‘Cortez Silver’ Corvette dates from 1969 and with the black interior forms a beautiful combination. The colour combination of exterior and interior, in our opinion, has a timeless appearance. Additionally, the aerodynamic shape shines beautifully in silver. While bright colours were very popular for a long time, we now see a growing interest in more subdued color schemes for this classic American sports car.
This is an older restoration, and the whole is presented in a neat fashion. The doors close well, and the silver paint highlights the subtle chrome nicely. Both the paint and the brightwork are well presented.

The interior is also in good condition, with black leather upholstery and proper finishing of the dashboard and door panels.

Driving the Corvette is fantastic. It’s really enjoyable inside, as you sit low and immediately get the American sports car feeling. The large gauges behind the steering wheel add to that. The shifter for the automatic transmission is located on the center console. The Corvette drives as you would expect, with the delightful sound of the V8 engine and a perfect balance between sportiness and comfort.

With its combination of color and execution, this C3 is a valuable addition to any collection. If you’re still in doubt, we would like to invite you to come admire it in Brummen. Interested? Contact us now via the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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