Citroën DS Super

New arrival
Body styleSedan
Mileage80363 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Really nice example
  • Only two owners from 1984 to 2024
  • Maintained by Citroën specialist
  • "Une déesse en triple vert" - "Vert Argente" over full green upholstery
  • Extensively documented
  • Delivered new in France

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Looking at the history of the automobile, we can conclude that a car as a means of transportation has not been around for very long. Many features of the first vehicles can be traced back with its so-called ‘horse and wagon’ function. Car manufacturers who thought differently sometimes brought significantly different designs to the market, which initially might not have been well received by everyone. But it is precisely this different way of thinking that can bring a change in perception. The same goes for cars. By applying such radically different ideas to car design, beautiful creations have been built that truly brought about a change in the automobile industry. The Citroën DS is an example of a car that was completely different and at the same time was very well received by many. In 1955, the DS was exhibited at the Paris Motor Show. Flamino Bertoni really turned the world upside down with this futuristic design. But despite the fact that the DS is still a very popular car, it is still underestimated in our opinion. Why? Because the appearance only encompasses a small part of the many innovations this car possesses.

Someone recently said: “it is just as advanced as when it came out in 1955.” A fantastic statement, of course, and in our opinion absolutely correct. What about the advanced drivetrain, featuring front-wheel drive with power steering and front disc brakes? Additionally, the DS was equipped with hydraulic power steering, fully independent hydropneumatic suspension that automatically adjusted the ride height for unparalleled ride comfort, which we now refer to as the typical Citroën feel.

On the first day of its presentation in Paris, so many people were enthusiastic that no fewer than 74 orders were placed. But, by the end of the event, there were as many as 12,000. You guessed it: when Citroën ceased production of the DS in 1975, this French icon had been built in no fewer than 2,776,000 units. Thus, it is not only a very special car, but also a model that sold extremely well. Truly a masterpiece.

Here in Brummen, we have another beautiful DS with this unique design and innovative technology. This is a very nice example that was originally delivered in France and had only two owners from 1984 to 2024. These were real enthusiasts who were completely crazy about this model, and they cherished and pampered this DS at Citroën specialists. This example comes with extensive documentation. Do you know the color? Vert Argente, and the interior is also green fabric; so tasteful, if we do say so ourselves!

The exterior is in very neat condition thanks to the restoration work. The bodywork looks really nice, with a glossy paint that honors the great color. The chrome details, such as the trim and bumpers, have been well-preserved and contribute to the elegant appearance of this timeless classic. The wheels are original and in good condition, enhancing the car’s authentic character.

The interior of this DS is also well cared for. The upholstery is still beautiful and shows little wear, providing a comfortable seating experience in the characteristic Citroën style. Various authentic elements are in good shape. The dashboard, with its classic layout, and the original steering wheel add a nostalgic touch to the whole. The instruments work properly and provide a clear overview while driving.

Technically, this Citroën DS is in excellent order. The engine runs smoothly and starts without problems, allowing you to enjoy a reliable driving experience. The gearbox shifts smoothly and precisely, contributing to driving comfort. The handling is as you would expect from a DS: comfortable and stable, thanks in part to the excellent suspension. The brakes function excellently, ensuring a safe ride.

In short, a classic car that still offers a lot of driving pleasure and is ready for new journeys. This Citroën DS combines a beautiful appearance with technical reliability.

With this Citroën, we provide documentation that includes various (recent) invoices for maintenance performed by Citroën specialists, as well as some older invoices and an appraisal report. The recent invoices show that no expense was spared on maintenance. For example, this DS has recently had a service.
All in all, this is an iconic car with historical value, unique design, and very innovative technology.

Are you interested in this beautiful Citroën DS? Contact us today, we are happy to assist you. Of course, you are most welcome at Gallery Aaldering in Brummen. We have years of experience in exporting our vehicles worldwide. Ask about the possibilities.

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