De Tomaso Deauville

Body styleSedan
Mileage71152 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • 1 of 244
  • Beautiful condition
  • Drives very well

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Multicultural, that’s how we can call this Deauville. Argentinian Alejandro de Tomaso started the eponymous brand in 1959 when he lived in Italy. With the Deauville, Alejandro built a luxury berlina, with an American power source, Italian Chassis and English suspension.
The Deauville was first exhibited at the Turin Motor Show in 1970. Ghia was allowed to take care of the design, so Tom Tjaarda, who was working there at the time, drew the car. As is often the case, the power source is chosen for a thick American V8, in this case Ford’s Cleveland 351 cu (5,763 cc) eight-cylinder with 330 hp. The chassis comes from Maserati and was the same as that of the Quattroporte III. The brakes and suspension came largely from the Jaguar XJ.
If you have the idea that the production between 1970 and 1985 has resulted in considerable sales numbers, we can help you out of that dream: only 244 units were built, of which this is the last, third, series and then also from the last year.

One of those 244 Deauville’s is now for sale with us in Brummen. He spent most of his life in Norway. To be very honest: Google Translate had to be used for a while to understand the stack of invoices, but we can now safely say that we know that the Italian sedan has had a good life.
The body of the Deauville is in a very nice, once restored condition. The dark blue paint, depending on the light with a purple glow, is in a beautiful condition and actually has no flaws. The gloss is deep, the clear coat completely scratch and damage free. The fits were closely monitored during the restoration, presumably the parts fit and close better than ever.

The interior exudes the atmosphere of Argentinian and Italian passion. Special places for switches and warning lights and of course beautiful materials such as the pleated leather on the door panels, the dark blue leather top layer on the dashboard and the parcel shelf to match the exterior color, the lacquered wood that is repeated everywhere and the green Veglia gauges all show off that you are in a car that has been designed with passion and produced in small numbers.
The leather upholstery looks fresh and sits well. The soft seats have no damage, only a beautiful patina so that the interior retains its original appearance. Incidentally, the leather can be found everywhere, even the legs of the headrests are covered with the material. The wooden panels on the dashboard, center console and door panels are everywhere in a very nice condition. It’s the kind of interior where you can look around for half an hour and continue to discover new details.

Driving the Deauville is an experience in itself. The trouble-free V8 is mated to a Ford three-speed automatic transmission. So switch to ‘D’ and enjoy. The Thermo-Quad carburetor is characteristic of the model and has already been overhauled. Don’t see the Deauville as a sports car with tight steering, but as a competitor for fast limousines such as the Maserati Quattroporte and Jaguar XJ. Lots of power, in sumptuous luxury.
The Deauville comes with a large folder of documentation with invoices and history. There is also a lot of technical information about the operation of the beautiful technique.

It seems that the Deauville now has more enthusiasts than at the time. If you are in the market for something completely different from an established car, you cannot ignore this De Tomaso.

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