Delorean DMC

Body styleCoupé
Mileage87711 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Top condition example
  • Newly upholstered
  • Lovely documentation
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Books have already been written about John DeLorean. So let’s disregard the colourful founder of the car brand of the same name for a moment. What remains is a unique car, a brilliant concept and a car that was made world famous by the film Back to the Future. Whether the DMC DeLorean would have become just as famous without the movies and still be so loved today, we’ll never know. This copy comes from 1981 and has a number of cool details that later copies no longer had. The car has the hood of the old type, 1981 was the first year that the grey leather was available and also the first year in which the DMC was equipped with the new rims as on this copy.

The car looks beautiful. The body was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and is a beautiful piece of design. The way the car is built is an equally great masterpiece, the basis is a Y-shaped chassis that was inspired by the Lotus Esprit. Around it is a fibreglass underbody on which the stainless steel body was mounted. A wonderful way to build a car. Most likely the appearance alone is responsible for the fact that so many rumours have surfaced that someone wanted to relaunch the illustrious brand. The brushed aluminium exterior gives the DeLorean a beautiful and futuristic appearance and still looks like it should be put through a ring. The car has been partially restored by the previous owner and is still in very good condition. The appearance is completely original. The wheels have been repainted once and things such as the window frames and door seals have all been replaced once. Fortunately, the exterior still looks exactly like the DeLorean left the factory.

The interior has already been completely reupholstered. The headliner has been renewed, all buttons in the interior have been renewed, the motors for the electric windows have been renewed, the dashboard and glove compartment has been reupholstered, the steering has been fitted with new parts, the door panels have been reupholstered, the seats have been reupholstered and the doors were readjusted. It will therefore not surprise you that the inside of the DeLorean looks completely original and is in beautiful condition. The seat covers were purchased from a specialist who had purchased the original DeLorean bankruptcy seat covers and kept them dark and dry. The carpets are of course also in good condition and the instruments and controls all function exactly as they should.

The technique is beautifully taken care of. The technology has recently been completely overhauled. The engine and transmission themselves have not been overhauled, which turned out not to be necessary due to the low mileage, but what has been taken care of down to the last detail are all peripheral matters. The fuel lines, the expansion tank, all cooling hoses, the gaskets of the exhaust, the power steering, the air conditioning, the distribution, the ignition, all vacuum hoses, the engine mounts, all belts, the fuel pump, tank float, all relays and the entire thermostat. We can therefore say that very thorough work has been done to ensure that the technology of the DeLorean is ready for many kilometres of driving pleasure. The engine and transmission are also rock solid. The DMC DeLorean is powered by a 2.7 litre V6 engine that DeLorean was allowed to build under license from Renault. The engine produces 132 hp and in this case, is mated to a 3-speed automatic transmission. The engine and transmission are more than up to the task and make the DeLorean a wonderfully relaxed touring car. The car is also equipped with independent wheel suspension all around and good brakes and therefore drives fantastic.

The work on this DeLorean is all beautifully documented by means of invoices and descriptions and there is also a workshop manual with the car. In short, a beautiful DeLorean in beautiful condition with mountains of preventive maintenance.

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