Dodge Challenger 318ci

Body styleCoupé
Mileage64581 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Original colour
  • Great driver
  • Fantastic Time Machine
Price on request

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Imagine you would be young in 1972, just got your driver’s license and have had a part-time job in the local fast food restaurant for years. The dollars have to roll and of course preferably in the form of a powerful and noisy American coupe with V8 on board. An automatic of course, so that you can just hold your half a litre of ‘Coke’ and popcorn while driving endless circles past the countless bars and discotheques. Or to turn up your radio-volume when Billy Preston’s Outa Space starts out of the speakers. We would like to go back in time, and taste the America of those years.
And what do we see ourselves in? In this Challenger for example, built in 1971 as one of the first model year ’72 cars with slightly modified front and different rear lights. In 1972, the first owner drove it out of the dealer’s richly neon-lit parking lot for the first time.
Just cruisin’ of course, sometimes at the traffic light let the thick V8 tilt a little bit by touching the accelerator pedal minimally and sprinting away when the light turns green.

This stylish Dark Green Metallic is in a condition that allows you to steal the show immediately. Originally delivered in this colour but in the meantime with a red coat of paint, as often happened. The last owner found out during the purchase inspection that the car was once dark green and thought ‘I must have it!’, only to have the car painted green again in the original colour. During that restoration, it was noticed that the car was complete, but also completely rust-free, with nice thin sheet metal and no dirty repairs. The black vinyl roof is original, as a personal touch the bumpers and parts around the front and rear lighting were also blackened. To complete the look, no large chrome wheels with spokes, but very thick, widened steel wheels with wheel covers. All the aforementioned matters have excellent paintwork and clearly radiate from having been addressed not long ago.
The yellow headlights give the car its own unique look, which immediately gives you that better movie car feeling.

Compared to the very pronounced exterior, the inside of the Challenger is a little more subdued. Grey, half-leather upholstery and lots of black plastic, which at that time quickly entered the interiors of American cars. A stray piece of steel can still be found here and there and some wood from the well-known wood veneer tree has also been used in a minimal way. It should not spoil the fun, with one hand on the steering wheel and the other loosely on the lever of the automatic three-speed gearbox, it is pure fun that the clock strikes. Moreover, everything looks to be passed through a ring, the dashboard, the upholstery of the seats, the carpet: everything is more than neat and functions as it should, not entirely unimportant.
The V8 roars to life and shakes the Challenger slightly. Foot on the brake, pull the gear lever to the ‘D’ and drive. Well, there are quite a few classics that look alike in terms of driving, but you can recognize an American with your eyes closed in terms of driving experience. The suspension, the steering, the mechanically roaring V8: everything fits together perfectly and is unmistakably American. This muscle car was originally supplied with a 318 cubic inch, so 5,212 cc measuring V8 with 150 hp. That power source is still present in the car. A reliable engine with a lot of torque that provides a pleasant experience when you drive this Challenger. A party in every way.
The Dodge steers even better than expected, thanks in part to the Hotchkiss chassis and wide tires. Everything feels fresh and lively, anything but a tired car like the ones that are sometimes shipped this way from the other side of the ocean.

Of course, the underside of the Challenger is also in a state that perfectly matches the rest of the car. No rust, no mess. Nevertheless, we advise to keep that side out of sight for the public, the car is impressive enough as it is. Imagine yourself in the rough life of America in the 1970s? Then there is no better choice than this Dodge Challenger!

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