Ferrari 246 GT Dino “E” Series

Body styleCoupé
Mileage21342 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Matching Numbers
  • Three owners
  • "Pozzi" delivered Dino
  • Original "Giallo Fly"

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Red. Everyone knows it, whether you’re a car enthusiast or not. But yellow? That’s less familiar to most. Not among enthusiasts, though; they know that yellow has been part of Ferrari’s color palette since the beginning. This fantastic Dino 246 GT is one of those cars that looks very good in yellow, or more beautifully put: Giallo Fly.

The Dino 246 GT was a rolling tribute to Enzo Ferrari’s son, Alfredo ‘Dino’ Ferrari. Dino Ferrari, an engineer, had proposed a smaller engine range in the 1950s, but due to his premature death in 1956, he never saw his dream come true.

In the end, Enzo approved the ‘sub-brand’ Dino to serve as a brand that could compete with cars like the Porsche 911. With its mid-mounted V6 engine that allowed for an ideal weight distribution and a more streamlined front end, the Dino became a true sports car worthy of the Ferrari name.

That V6 engine is a work of art. 2,419 cc in size, with four overhead camshafts, three Weber 40DCNF/6 carburettors, a manual five-speed gearbox, independent suspension at all four wheels, and disc brakes all around. Today, 195 hp might sound, at most, ‘sporty,’ but back then, it was a very respectable power output for a sports car. The fastest regular Porsche, the 911S, had power outputs ranging from 160 to 190 hp during those years. Other variants of the 911 had significantly less power.

Initially, the Dino had a 2.0-liter six-cylinder, but in 1969, it was enlarged to the aforementioned 2,419 cc variant, as seen in this Dino. The engine, built by Fiat, with its cylinder banks at a 65-degree angle, features a cast-iron block with aluminum heads and was more than enough to propel the 246 GT, designed by Leonardo Fioravanti, to great sales success. It wasn’t just the engine; the very direct and communicative steering also played a role.

The Dino 246 GT you see here was delivered in 1971 through Charles Pozzi in Paris. It belongs to the second series of the 246, which had several upgrades compared to early examples. At 113,000 kilometers, the matching numbers engine, along with the gearbox and clutch, was completely rebuilt, and that was just a few thousand kilometers ago. As a result, the 246 GT is an exceptionally well-driving car that has always been properly maintained.

Now, every Ferrari Dino 246 GT is already exceptional, but this one is even more attractive due to original accessories, such as the Voxson radio, Campagnolo alloy wheels, and Carrello headlamp covers. Together with the overall execution, this makes it a highly sought-after version of the already highly regarded Dino 246 GT.

The two-seater comes with manuals, the necessary documentation, and a stack of maintenance invoices.

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