Ferrari 246 GT Dino “M-series”

Body styleCoupé
Mileage56000 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • High level of originality
  • Delivered by Ferrari importer Garage Francorchamps Belgium
  • Livery in Rosso Corsa over black with red woollen carpets
  • Maintained by Marque experts

Import & Export

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How to accurately describe the legendary Dino 246GT? We believe calling it a historical beauty might very well be the most fitting accolade. Step into timeless elegance with the Dino 246GT. This iconic car, born out of Ferrari’s need for a homologation production model with a 2-liter engine for the new Formula 2 in the 1960s, is a testament to pure craftsmanship, precision, and unparalleled performance.
The 246GT succeeded the Dino 206 in 1969. The Dino 246GT exudes absolute class. With its larger 2.4-liter V6 engine and 60 mm longer wheelbase, this Italian icon offers an unparalleled driving experience. With 195 hp under the hood, the Dino effortlessly sprints to high top speeds while maintaining the agility Ferrari is known for.
This Dino is more than just an Italian car; it is cultural heritage. As one of the first mid-engine Ferraris to be produced in series, the Dino 246GT paved the way for the legendary lineage that continues in Maranello to this day. Ferrari produced only 2,487 GT coupés. Therefore, this is a rare opportunity to own one of the most amazing classic Ferraris.

Our Dino was previously restored what we would characterise as an ‘older restoration’ whilst retaining a high degree of originality. With this Ferrari comes a comprehensive history demonstrating that this Ferrari received the proper care. From its original delivery at the Ferrari dealer in Francorchamps, Belgium, to its recent maintenance by authorised specialists, every aspect of this Dino has been carefully handled. Docu-mentation of maintenance and restoration and overhaul work is available to serious buyers.

The body is in good and original condition with normal signs of use. The body color Rosso Corsa was expertly reapplied in the past and looks beautiful and well-maintained. The same also applies to the chrome work. The chassis and the associated underside of the car also look original and in good shape.

The interior, executed in black with red carpets, is in simply eye-catching good condition. The beautifully shaped seats are adorned with lovely black leather, and the dashboard, together with the magnificent gaug-es, has also been wonderfully preserved.

Mechanically, this 246GT fully merits the description good. Needless to say, this specimen drives as you would expect from an Italian sports car. Very agile handling, with precise shifting and a fantastic V6 sound. Yes, we are big fans of Ferrari’s twelve-cylinder engines, but the Dino with the six-cylinder engine is equally beautiful in our opinion. A delightful feeling while driving, with an ultimate experience! Does it get any bet-ter?

Do not miss this unique opportunity to own a piece of automotive history. Contact us today for more in-formation or to arrange a viewing. Do not let this legendary Ferrari pass you by.

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