Ferrari 308 GTSi Targa

Body styleTarga
Mileage61556 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • With 38000 Miles and factory AC
  • Recently fully serviced for more than € 15.000
  • - euro
Price on request

Import & Export

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This 308 GTSi was first registered in the United States in 1989. The car has been in the Netherlands since 2006. The previous owner has owned the car since 2015 and took excellent care of the Italian beauty. The Ferrari has recently had a lot of maintenance including the crankshaft seal replaced, the gearshift mechanism re-adjusted, the distribution completely renewed, the windows re-adjusted, a new steering rack fitted, the car realigned, o-rings from the camshafts were replaced, a new crankcase gasket was mounted, and a major service was carried out. During the work, numerous minor works were also carried out to bring the car into top technical condition. This Ferrari 308 GTSi is “completely on point” as it is so beautifully called.

The body is in beautiful condition. The sheet metal is nice and thin and the fits are correct. The removable Targa roof also closes perfectly. The paint is also in beautiful condition. Finally, the heat-resistant glass stands out. The interior also looks fantastic. The interior is completely original and factory upholstered with red leather on the seats and red carpets. The car is factory equipped with air conditioning that has recently been largely renewed and is therefore stone cold. Furthermore, it is noticeable that the dashboard and the controls are all in beautiful condition and function perfectly, exactly as you would expect in a Ferrari.

With the aforementioned major maintenance in mind, it can hardly be otherwise than that the Ferrari drives exactly as you would expect: fantastic. The flatplane V8 engine is 2.9 liters and is located transversely behind the front seats. The engine produces 205 horsepower and is mated to a five-speed manual transmission. The engine sounds fantastic and produces that typical and famous Ferrari V8 sound. The handling is snarestak and the shifting is also perfect for each other. The transmission can be operated precisely and the brakes can also be dosed perfectly. The Ferrari has not yet driven 40,000 miles and is therefore ready for many kilometers of Ferrari driving pleasure.

The Ferrari 308 GTSi will be delivered including all invoices of the recent maintenance and is completely ready for the next owner to enjoy this Thoroughbred Italian.

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