Ferrari 348 TS

Body styleTarga
Mileage8004 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Overhauled engine
  • Drivers condition Trade-in car.
Price on request

Import & Export

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presented the 348 at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1989, as the successor to the 328. A design that is more modern and shows similarities with the external features of the Testarossa. The side air intakes, black slats that cover the rear lights and the design of the front bumper are reminiscent of his big brother with V12.
The 348 is propelled by a 3.4-litre V8, which is also the reason why the model is so-called. The 348 will initially come in two flavours: the TS (Spider, albeit a Targa) and TB (Berlinetta). At the end of the construction period, the necessary complete convertibles are also built, until the successor is presented in 1995, the F355.
For a long time, the 348 was overshadowed by both its predecessor and successor, but the 348 has now become a highly sought-after modern classic. It is also the least-produced series model of the brand, which benefits from exclusivity.

The yellow 348 TS that we offer here is in running condition. The engine has already been overhauled in the past and the appearance of the ‘Giallo Modena’ Targa is of course fantastic. The paint has some signs of wear and minor damage, the interior is pretty neat. With some care and attention, much better referred to in English as Tender, Love and Care, this 348 can be made into an absolute eye-catcher. Blow-drying for an afternoon so that the window film and unnecessary stickers are removed already makes a big difference, otherwise, we would go for a preventive major service because the car does need maintenance. After that, it is a matter of putting the dots on the ‘i’ while driving.

The car is a copy that we offer from our warehouse. This can only be viewed by appointment and is sold according to the ‘as-is-principle’. The Ferrari has a Dutch registration and MOT valid until the end of 2024.


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