Ferrari 360 Modena Spider F1

New arrival
Body styleCabriolet
Mileage16000 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Low kilometers example
  • Livery in "Nero" over beige interior and black softtop
  • Executed with the Daytona seats
  • Offered with the leather folio containing the Ferrari manuals and maintenance booklet
  • Maintained by the Ferrari dealer/specialist
  • Delivered new in Italy

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We think this is a wonderful . It is a timeless beauty. Ferrari was doing very well with the Ferrari 355 at the time; it sold extremely well, but as with any car manufacturer, you have to think ahead and keep innovating. Fortunately, Ferrari did that too. With the Ferrari 360 Modena, the Italian brand had a number of important changes. Firstly, the appearance: it is significantly different. Where the 355 often had sharp corners, the 360 was ultra-smooth. Many fans wanted to see the engine of their beautiful Ferrari. With the 360, Ferrari presented the fantastic V8 through a transparent bonnet, revealing the iconic red cylinder heads. We are so happy that Ferrari did this, because it simply looks fantastic!
Of course, the changes don’t stop at the appearance. Under the (transparent) bonnet was now a brand new 3,6 litre engine. An increase of 25 hp compared to the 355 may not seem much, but the performance of the 360 was significantly better. This was partly due to a lower power-to-weight ratio. Ferrari used a space frame chassis for the 360, which was no less than 40 percent stiffer than the old 355. In terms of maintenance, the 360 had become more user-friendly. The 360 now featured a removable panel between the engine compartment and the interior, making it easier to replace the timing belt. The engine no longer had to be removed, and that saved time and money.
Unlike the 355, the 360 platform was originally designed to work as both a coupe and convertible. Ferrari designers strengthened other parts of the chassis, to maintain as much torsional stiffness as possible. As a result, the Spider is only 130 pounds heavier than the coupe.
The 360 Modena Spider at Gallery Aaldering was originally delivered in Italy with an exceptionally low mileage of only 16,000 km. The low mileage can be seen in every detail because the whole car looks fantastic!
The first owner chose ‘Nero’ as the exterior colour, with light leather upholstery and a black soft top. This example also has the popular Daytona seats. This 360 with its 16,000 kilometres was excellently maintained by a Ferrari dealer/specialist, and this car comes with a leather folder with all Ferrari manuals and documentation.
We don’t really have to mention it, but with this mileage you can expect a superb example. With only minimal signs of wear, this Ferrari is beautiful. Driving this car is also at top level. The seats fit perfectly and once you sit, you have a beautiful view of the elegant, deep-set analogue gauges. It is immediately clear that you are dealing with a real sports car, with a striking yellow rev counter in the middle, a speedometer that goes up to 340 km/h and four small meters for essential information. A large gear lever is missing: this 360 Spider is equipped with a fast F1 transmission that shifts smoothly. It is enjoyable when driving quietly and responds immediately when you use it sportily, exactly what the 360 Modena was designed for.
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