Ferrari 365 GTC/4

Body styleCoupé
Mileage79230 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Very well maintened
  • Logbook present
  • Only 3 owners from new
Price on request

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Although the 365GTC/4 may look like a modern version of the Ferrari Daytona, it is actually a completely newly developed model. The 4.4 litre V12 with four overhead camshafts is the same as the one in the Daytona, The 365 GTC/4 has a much longer nose with the carburettors located on the side to enable the V12 to fit into the flatter nose. The Colombo V12 produces 340 Ps and is attached to a 5-speed gearbox. Just like the Daytona the 365 GTC/4 has independent suspension on all four wheels. The rear is hydraulically adjustable. The 365 GTC/4’s form was considered quite modern for its time. The Ferrari 365 GTC/4 that typical 70’s wedge shape. Its exotic exterior is complimented by the presence of flip-up headlights, the rubber front bumper and matt black rear detail. Unlike the Daytona the 365 GTC/4 was designed from the start with flip-up headlights and are therefor integrate so much better. From the rear the six separate rear lights are a prominent feature. Another distinguishing feature of the 365 GTC/4 was the choice of 46 different exterior finishes and 10 different colours for the interior. The exterior was, if the client so wished, available in any colour under the rainbow. Quite a novelty then! When introduced the press hailed the quality of its brakes, the fine gearbox action and the aforementioned choice in finishes. 365 GTC/4’s are very rare with only 500 built excluding the 4 prototypes. Of the 500, 194 were destined for the States, leaving 265 cars over for Europe and the rest of the world. Of those 265 41 were RHD’s. Eventually that left 224 LHD 365 GTC/4’s over.

This 1972 red example was supplied to its first owner, a Belgium, and has still only clocked up some 76,600 km. This Belgium first owner ordered the car in Rosso Corsa with black leather trim and brown carpets. This stylish composition is timeless in its appeal. Up to now the car has known three owners, who have all taken great care of the car. The last owner, a German, added the car to his collection and through the years has taken it from a good example to its pinnacle of excellence. Where ever there was room for improvement he was “rucksichtlos” in his quest for refinement. He had the bodywork resprayed, fitted new carpets, refreshed the rims and fitted new tyres, gave it a major service, replaced the shocks and level adjuster, front brakes as well as fitting a new hood. It is fair to say he did not do things by half.

The bodywork shines out. The design clearly shows how the Daytona stood model for this car and how a 70’s version the Daytona should look according to Ferrari. The nice and thin panelwork is perfectly aligned. The bumpers are too in very good shape and perfectly mounted. The rims are of course completely undamaged, shod in correctly sized good quality rubber.

Inside the car is also a feast fro the eye. The new carpets in combination with the wonderfully maintained black leather trim add to the feeling of luxury of this 2+2 Ferrari GT. All of the gauges and controls are in a very fine state and look fantastic. Furthermore the car came with factory fitted air-conditioning, electric windows and power steering. So this car not only looks modern, it drives like a modern car.

Driving is the essence of a Ferrari 365 GTC/4. The 4.4 litre Colombo V12 has 340 horses at its disposal in this European model and has a manual 5-speed fully synchromeshed gearbox. There is the perfect weight distribution of 51:49 thanks to a transaxle transmission. The suspension is with the help of the rear axle level adjuster more than capable to transfer all its V12 might through the rear wheels to the tarmac. The sound the six twin Weber carburettors produce when your floor the pedal is nothing short of a full angle choir singing its heart out. What an experience! Even if the price of petrol were to hit the € 10,- mark it would still be more than worthwhile. And do you know what the nice thing about this is? You just change up a gear to start the concert all over again until you reach its top speed of over 260km/hr. Unbelievably beautiful!

The car’s documentation is also quite outstanding. The original guarantee certificate as well as heaps of general information is present. One of the previous owners also kept a diary of every trip he made. Finally the original audio system manual is there as well as copies of previous owners papers and more recent invoices.

This is not just a pretty poser, it also drives just as good as it looks and has an appropriate amount of documentation. All that rests now is for you to take your place behind the wheel, bring the car up to temperature and lay back and enjoy that inimitable sound. This is pure Ferrari perfection.

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