Ferrari 456 GTA

Body styleCoupé
Mileage69609 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • European version
  • Drivers condition
  • Price reduction
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In 1992 finally presented the long expected successor to the 412. A luxurious 2+2 coupé with a rumbustious V12 underneath a long bonnet. So far the same recipe as the 412 in an otherwise totally different concept: the very sharply lined 412 was replaced for a more rounded model. The sculpted feminine form ensures the 456’s enduring modern appeal.

The Pininfarina or better said Pietro Camardella working for Pininfarina design was welcomed by many and the 456 quickly became seen as a stylish and ultra luxurious GT. That does not detract from the its pure sporting credentials with its V12 and 442 hp. Ferrari proudly mentioned its top of 309 km/hr, making it the second fasted production car behind the Porsche 959. It is also has the accolade of currently being the brand’s strongest ‘regular’ production car.

The 456 is available with both manual and automatic transmission. In the latter configuration the car is titled as a GTA, the ‘A’ in this case standing for Automatico instead of Allegerita. This variant with a 4-speed automatic is the car you see before you. It is possibly slightly less of a hardcore sportscar, although the question arises how fast you would currently push this stylish future classic. Most will be enjoying a sporty cruise, enjoying meandering roads and longer stretches of tarmac with an abundance of power at your disposal. Funnily enough this automatic could now work out much better than back then.

An extra bonus is the 456 GTA’s very popular colour scheme. In 1996 the owner chose the favourite Blu Swalters Metallizzato, code 513/C. With an exterior finish like this it hardy matters which interior colour you would have chosen, but let us be clear: it does not come more stunning than in combination with natural tinted hide. The paintwork is fine and commiserate with the car’s low mileage of 69,609 km. The interior has been kept very neat and once behind the wheel you really will not want to leave. Seatbelt on, turn the key, put the gearstick into ‘D’ and let the utter pleasure commence.
The classic V12 is present without being overbearing, which, lets face it, is quite nice on longer trips. Gently and effortlessly the 442 prancing horses do their job. A manual may give more excitement, the GTA on the other hand is a gentleman’s vehicle par excelance. This is the affordable way to enjoy one of the most stylish offerings out of Maranello.

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