Ferrari 512 BB

Body styleCoupé
Mileage28537 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Original 28000 KMS
  • Matching Numbers
  • One of the best
  • Ferrari certified
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70’s ’s are known for having 12 cylinders and engines sited directly behind the driver. One with both combined? It took until 1973 before that materialised in the Ferrari 365 GT BB with its 12 cylinder engine behind the two seats. In 1976 the 365 GT4 BB is succeeded by the still very popular 512 BB that is in the books as the last carburettor aspired 12 cylinder.

Under the enormous bonnet, there is in fact a fully opening, hinged affair, with the arrival of the 512 an even larger boxer engine (BB stands for Berlinetta Boxer) measuring 4,943 cc. For Ferrari that is big enough to justify using the 512 name (5 litre and 12 cylinders). To be frank this is not really a boxer engine as the two opposite pistons move in the same direction. Mauro Forghieri once said; “do not call this a boxer. Correct would be to call it a flat-12 or an 180° V12. However you look at it, the engine is mighty and with 360 hp incredibly powerful. The 512 BB reaches a speed over 280 km/hr, amazing for that time.

The 512 BB also gives one a feeling of being very well off. These days luxury and riches is measured by the size of infotainment screen, support systems and 80 shades of interior lighting options, in the past luxury consisted of wonderful materials, experience and build quality. Behind the wheel of a 512 BB you get the picture of just how the absolute top of the automotive world looked like; Yes like this! Nothing could beat driving it. Road&Track described the 512 BB after the first test drives being the best all-round sportscar of the moment.

The 512 BB we have on offer is in wonderful, unrestored condition. The car was originally supplied by Auto Becker in Düsseldorf and is completely original. The mileage of the matching numbers twelve cylinder is genuine and the car has been Ferrari Classiche certified. We are not alone in believing this is a fine and correct example, Ferrari apparently thought much the same. The 512’s bodywork is exceptionally beautiful with perfect alignment and fine paintwork. The panel gaps are equal all-over as they were when supplied in 1981. The lighting, such as the large front indicator glass and other details such as the rubbers, mirrors and windows are all in perfect condition. That perfect impression continues on inside. You can restore and replace all you like but nothing matches an original leather interior with patina, in this case black with red pipping. Carpets and door cards are in excellent condition as is the sinister looking dashboard. Black is the overwhelming theme, nostalgic black gauges with orange numbers and needles. We almost forgot to add the factory-fitted air-conditioning to the list.

Driving this Ferrari is simply divine. With its perfect mechanics the 512 BB is a sensational joy to drive. Everything about the car is in excellent order, the brakes and suspension providing safety at speed. It is quite reassuring to find a Ferrari achieve great deeds so effortlessly and that is exactly what this 512 does with aplomb. When dawdling the 512 begs you to step on it in the vain of the average man being dragged round the shopping mall by his wife.
If you do happen to step on it the only though to arise would be ‘amazing’. As if you bound to the front of a rocket. The 512 BB catapults you on your way with ridiculous acceleration. Numbers are not as important as the sensation you experience and the sound of the howling 12-cylinder behind you, simply stunning. The suction sound of the six Weber carburettors is phenomenal and only complimented by the fabulous exhaust note. The steering responds to your every minute instruction, leaving you happily in full control. Amazing to think what Ferrari had managed to develop almost fifty years ago.
This 512 BB still has to wait to celebrate its fiftieth, as being from 1981 it is one of the last 50 BB’s built. Over the last forty odd years the original paperwork has been preserved, including the original delivery and owner’s book and the aforementioned Ferrari Classiche ‘Certificazione di autenticità’. A reassuring amount of invoices from the official dealer where the car was serviced are present.

This 512 BB is fully certified, in perfect shape, drives excellently and seeing the model is still gaining in popularity, a jolly good investment opportunity to boot. Does it get any better?

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