Ferrari F355 Spider Manual

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage48814 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Perfect condition
  • Low Mileage
  • Red on Black
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When it comes to sales is more successful than ever. Still we sometimes hear that just its popularity takes away from the brand’s exclusivity. In the 90’s things were quite different. Ferrari’s were not sold by the shedload and seeing one “in the wild” was a rare occasion. One of the last of such models was the F355, seen by many as the last of its generation.

The F355 is in many ways is indeed the last one and signifies that particular period; it is the last model to have pop-up headlamps and feature the typical 80’s and 90’s style lines which it inherited from the 348. The F355 is also the first production car to be marketed with a so-called F-1 transmission. The same gearbox as the manual, except for the electro-hydraulic system using “flappy paddles” sited behind the steering wheel. The clutch becomes obsolete and you are able to keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times. Whilst at the time the F-1 transmission was quite the desirable option, people now favour the manual 6-speed version. And that is exactly the version we have on offer today.

This F355 dates back to February 1998. No doubt the buyer decided to buy the car after having seen the Bond film “Goldeneye”, where Famke Janssen shows off the F355 to the full in a long car chase scene.
This F355 comes as many enthusiasts prefer: Rosso paintwork with Nero Connolly leather. In all its 24 years this Ferrari has only done 48,814 km, averaging about 2,000 km per year as well as being housed in the warm Spanish climate. These are the perfect ingredients to keep a Ferrari in concourse condition, as we see here. The paintwork looks pristine and is undamaged or dulled by the passage of time. He panelwork aligns seamlessly and the doors open and shut lightly, that is if you can locate the hidden handle. The 18” wheels are in peak condition giving the car a spot on presence.

The interior too is in exceptional shape; quite often the leather dashboard cladding becomes loose and starts to undulate, fortunately that is not the case with our F355. The seats look unused and provide a nicely tight and figure-hugging sit. The seating position is typically period Ferrari: slightly bent knees and the steering wheel a bit further away from you than expected. What you will not find are those nasty sticky feeling switches and air-conditioning panels, which we think you will not miss. The Spider we have for you is in every aspect at top-class example.

Beneath the featherlight bonnet you will find a formidable 3.5 litre 8-cylinder with 5 valves per cylinder. This goes to explain why Ferrari broke with its customary nomenclature. The V8 with its 380 hp is able to achieve great deeds. The 100 km mark is reached in under 5 seconds and the intermediates are even more impressive. That last fact is not only due to the numbers but also attributable to the tremendous whine of the eight-cylinder. Once you reach the red, changing up with the steel shift pattern is pure joy. The name click-clack probably derives form the sound of the Ferrari’s gearbox. Road holding is particularly good, it was not for nothing F355’s were found in large numbers on the race track. The road-going model had dual suspension modes; Comfort and Sport, hardly standard equipment for the late 90’s. It is reassuring to find everything in good working order with this F355.

The last major service and air-conditioning replacement was documented as being 2,000 km ago. Driving this Ferrari we found it must be one of the freshest and healthy F355’s around. The car comes with its original, stamped, service books and other original accompanying documentation.

This F355 is besides being a fantastic future classic, not a bad investment option. What ever your plans, there is nothing better than turning this Spider’s ignition key, blasting its V8 into life, grabbing hold of that great feeling aluminium gear knob and speeding off into the distance. What joy!

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