Ferrari Testarossa

New arrival
Body styleCoupé
Mileage13057 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • 13.057 original km's from new
  • Recently (2024) fully serviced by the Ferrari dealer - including the timing belts and V-belts
  • Collector's condition - Like new
  • Exceptionally preserved example
  • European delivery
  • Offered with the board pouch and tools

Import & Export

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Imagine yourself driving on the highway in the late 1980s. Suddenly, you hear an incredible sound from a car – a sound that any true car enthusiast instantly recognizes as a V12 engine. You look in your rearview mirror, and before you know it, a beautifully sleek sports car has already overtaken you. Judging by the lines of this sight and the combination of the sound, you know it can only be one car: the Ferrari Testarossa. This car holds an almost symbolic value.
We could talk about the Testarossa at length, but for many, it remains an icon from their youth. Since the introduction of this model in 1984, Ferrari has garnered a large fan base. It’s a true boyhood dream, with many of you having had a beautiful poster of it hanging above your bed. Unsurprisingly, this popularity still exists among a broad audience. With pop-up headlights, large air intakes, and black grilles over the taillights, the Testarossa’s lines were almost futuristic at the time and still make it an incredibly beautiful model today.
Whoever gets behind the wheel is immediately transported back to the late eighties. This is evident in almost every detail: the instrumentation and the specific shape of the seats, for example. You might also remember the Testarossa from Miami Vice.
We present to you an incredibly beautiful Testarossa with only 13,000 kilometers, just as we like to see them. This is the last series of the Testarossa in the classic color combination of ‘Rosso’ with black leather upholstery. The overall condition of this Ferrari is excellent and very original.
It’s important to mention that this Testarossa has undergone major maintenance at the official Ferrari dealer in May 2024. Among other things, the timing belt was replaced, and maintenance was performed costing around 10,000 euros. This car also comes with extensive and original documentation, including invoices.
With just 13,000 kilometers, you can expect a Ferrari in mint condition, and that is indeed the case with this example. The entire car is in excellent condition.
The exterior is stunning, partly due to the color scheme and the condition of this example. The classic Ferrari color is very attractive and in sublime condition. With a sleek body, windows, and rims in new condition, the exterior requires no further explanation given the mileage.
Ferrari has always crafted beautiful leather, as only Italians can manufacture in an automobile. However, it must be well cared for to stay in excellent shape. Fortunately, that is certainly the case with this example, as the entire interior is in excellent condition. The seats are very fine and in good shape without any wear. The carpets look new, as does the instrumentation, with the typical black dials and clear orange indicators.
The technical aspect of this Testarossa can be described as excellent, and due to the maintenance that took place, everything is sublime. Both the engine, gearbox, drivetrain, and suspension components feel absolutely like new.
In short, we can conclude that this Ferrari Testarossa is an example just as we like to see them. The beautiful and desirable color combination with demonstrably low mileage.
Are you interested in this fantastic Testarossa? Contact us today for more information. You are welcome at Gallery Aaldering in Brummen. Of course, worldwide export is possible. Please inquire about the possibilities.

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