Ferrari Testarossa

Body styleCoupé
Mileage46301 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Unique
  • One of
  • Fly Yellow with a green leather interior
  • Ferrari Classiche
  • Recent major service done
Price on request

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Here is a riddle: it’s yellow with green, and is very fast. What is it? The chances of you, without having seen these photos, saying that it’s a Testarossa seem entirely unlikely to us. Yet, that’s the answer. New in our collection is this unique Testarossa, fully serviced by Ferrari, in ‘Giallo e Verde’.

Sometimes, everything aligns, as with this 1989 Ferrari Testarossa. It’s one of the most iconic model names in automotive history: Testarossa! Say it out loud a few times, emphasizing ‘ros,’ and you’ll instantly feel like an Italian. Translated literally, it means ‘Red Head,’ referring to the red cylinder heads of the mighty V12 engine. The Testarossa from the ’80s was named after legendary predecessors like the 250 Testa Rossa and 500 TR. As a child of the ’80s, this Ferrari embodies everything an automotive enthusiast of that era dreamed of: pop-up headlights, massive air intakes, and black grilles over the taillights. The number of posters that must have hung above beds and in offices is countless.

Behind the wheel, the average forty-something instantly flashes back to the late ’80s when they played the game Out Run, one of the first and most famous racing games ever, where the Testarossa played the leading role. Not into games but more into TV? Then you undoubtedly recognize the Testarossa from Miami Vice. You see, the Testarossa is an icon of its time, a car that is almost as emblematic of the era as the cassette tape, the test pattern, and the View-Master.

The person who ordered this Testarossa new must have had excellent taste. Unique taste, even. Because a Testarossa like this was delivered only once. The yellow bodywork is already not the most common. The vast majority is, of course, red. A yellow one typically had a black interior, very occasionally red or natural-colored. But green? No, that happened only once and was specially made to order. This is confirmed by a letter from Ferrari stating that it’s a unique configuration. It makes for a unique car, and in a unique condition to top it off.

The Testarossa hasn’t been heavily used but has been driven regularly. As a result, the mileage is a comfortable 46,000 km, but most importantly, about €30,000 worth of maintenance was recently carried out on the ‘flat twelve’ engine. And not by just any garage or specialist but by the official dealer in Luxembourg.

To put it simply: if you’re just looking for a Ferrari Testarossa, then this might not be for you. If you’re in search of a very special, exceptionally unique, and perfect Testarossa, then a visit to Brummen is more than worthwhile.”

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