Fiat 124 Spider Volumex Pininfarina

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage8532 km
VAT / MarginIncl. 21% VAT
  • Long term ownership
  • Volumex-compressor
  • Last series built.
Price on request

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introduced the 124 Spider in 1966. A beautiful roadster designed by Pininfarina, it was the eternal rival of another Italian Spider, the one from Alfa Romeo. While the Fiat initially started with 1.4, 1.6, and 1.8 four-cylinder engines, a 2-litre engine was added to the lineup in 1978. In 1981, Fiat ceased production of the 124 Spider, and Pininfarina took over production for another four years, offering these cars through Fiat dealerships.

The Fiat logo is conspicuously absent from this Pininfarina Spider. Moreover, this anthracite grey 124 is a special car as only 500 were built. Excuse me? Yes, it is a limited edition Spider Volumex. A special version that received the attention of Carlo Abarth. This resulted in a Roots Compressor that provided the two-litre engine with extra power. It had its horsepower boosted to 135 instead of the normal 100 horsepower, making it more powerful than the competition at Alfa Romeo. The Volumex can be recognized by the compressor, but it is more visible on the very special 15″ Speedline wheels.

This Spider, one of approximately 150 anthracite grey examples, has been fully restored and mechanically overhauled. It is in top condition and radiates that throughout. The dark metallic paint is beautifully deep and nearly the same colour as the plastic wheel arch extensions. It gives the car the sought-after Volumex appearance that makes it so unique. The meticulous restoration is evident in every part of the car. The car is spotless, with chrome work and polished parts all in the condition you would expect having seen the photos.

The interior is no different, with the partially wooden dashboard in optimal condition and naturally equipped with the necessary Veglia gauges. The beige dashboard looks pristine, and the same goes for the upholstery, which was also taken care of during the restoration and renovation. Take a look at the door cards as well, which are often a bit worn or tired. Not on this Spider: they are in excellent condition. The beige tonneau cover of the convertible top matches and is equally beautiful and in excellent shape, as is the convertible top itself, also in beige.
Under the hood, of course, is the pièce de résistance of this Spider: the Lampredi engine equipped with a compressor. It is not only visually stunning but also approaches perfection in terms of its technical features. When opening the hood, it is impossible to miss that Abarth has contributed to this special and limited edition. Compared to a (classic) turbo, a compressor has the advantage of delivering extra power from the lowest RPM range, providing additional torque throughout. And it shows: what a torque-rich engine and what an inspiring sound.
Driving the Spider is truly a delight. Not only is the engine enjoyable, but the steering characteristics are more than pleasant thanks to the good suspension. Meanwhile, the wide, fairly flat windshield keeps the occupants well protected from the wind, while the narrow window pillars create a very open and free feeling.

We can confidently say that this Volumex is the best one currently available for sale, that fact, being for sale, is already a rarity. Therefore, we dare to state that this is one of the best compressor-equipped Spiders we have ever seen.

The car also comes with some very welcome items, such as an original brochure, a Fiat service booklet, and several invoices.

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