Fiat 500 L

Body styleHatchback
Mileage72097 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Beautiful example
  • Beloved colour
Price on request

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When introduces the 500 in 1957, it cannot know what a huge success it will become. On July 4 of that year, the first 500s rolled off the production line in Turin, in the factory that is remembered as one of the most famous car factories, thanks to the curved track on the roof, where the cars are tested. This banked track still exists and Fiat still uses it regularly for commercial purposes.
Back to the 500, pronounced Cinquecento in Italian. Initially, the 500 does not run so fast, because it is a lot more sparse than the already available and successful 600. However, the tide turns quickly and the 500 grows into the figurehead of Italian mobility, together with the Vespa.

This Fiat 500L is one that breathes the right atmosphere. A five hundred in the characteristic and beloved colour Rosso Corallo and in a remarkably fresh condition. Where many 500s have moderate fits due to after-market sheet metal and seams between sheet metal parts are missing, such as under the doors, this 500L is completely correct.
The 500 has already been restored and that is clearly visible in the beautiful sheet metal and chrome. The bumpers, with the extra protection characteristic of the L, look new and the same applies to door handles, lighting parts and window rubbers. An exceptionally fresh and healthy specimen. We would almost forget: the roof is like new.
The interior is also very neat, with a beautiful interior. The upholstery is beautiful and intact, as is the upholstery of the dashboard with the wide, horizontal counter. There is not much to describe in terms of details, at most that the often somewhat worn door panels on this 500 are also in excellent condition.

If we move to the rear, we press the small bonnet open with our thumb. The 499 cc two-cylinder with the correct 110F code looks wonderfully fresh, with 18 hp of power. No deluge of horsepower but an unprecedented dose of character when the block is started. The two-cylinder rumbles fantastically and once on the road, the smile cannot be removed from the face. Awesome. No person, not even the biggest green car hater, will give the 500 and its driver an angry look. Driving is simply an unforgettable experience and then this L does it in an almost new way. The double-clutching is addictively fun and you get used to it quickly.

Fiat 500s are still offered in reasonable numbers, but beautiful cars are becoming somewhat rarer. We still see them too often patched up instead of thoroughly restored. We dare to link that last description to this 500L.

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