Indian Scout 600 cc Sidevalve V-twin

Body styleOther
Mileage10 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • "Older restoration" with only the original parts
  • Running condition
  • Original headlight/original ammeter/original alternator/original wheels/original carburetor/original sheet metal
Price on request

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Our motorcycle, an Scout, 600 cc V-Twin side-valve, produced in 1925 by the Indian Motocycle Company, is a motorcycle produced between 1920 and 1926 as the successor to the Powerplus. After that came the Police Scout, which had a shorter frame. It competed with the Chief as the flagship model for Indian and is also known as the best Indian motorcycle ever. This motorcycle has just been added to our collection. The Scout caused a sensation at the time; it was light, manoeuvrable, and very reliable.

This beautiful Indian Scout, 600 cc V-Twin in dark red with gold letters and details on the tank, and red fenders front and rear, features a single round headlight and taillight, as well as a black leather seat. With a 600cc V-twin side-valve engine and a three-speed gearbox operated beside the tank, the clutch is foot-operated. In 1925, the engine was equipped with larger valves, increasing the power by 20%, a remarkable 13 HP at 3,500 rpm for that time, a significant achievement!

This is an older restoration using only original parts such as the headlight, original ampmeter, original dynamo, original wheels, original carburettor, and original bodywork, making it quite unique! The motor runs and rides fantastically and is equipped with a fully electric lighting system.

In summary, a beautifully restored Indian Scout, 600 cc V-Twin with original parts, making it a good investment due to the motorcycle’s original condition.