Jaguar 3.8 Mk2 Modified, 5-speed

Body styleCoupé
Mileage27702 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Upgraded
  • Fast
  • Restored Mk2
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You are looking for a classic car, but you are a bit concerned about the fact that you have to make the necessary concessions with a classic car compared to a more modern car? Then you should definitely read on.
The Mk2 is one of the most sporty sedans available in the 1960s. A lot of power, a hell of an engine and ditto road handling made it a car that even today can still keep up with ‘the big boys’ in a very sporty way.
Yet over the decades, some things have of course improved on cars. Think of lighting, brakes, gearboxes, comfort and chassis. And did we mention that more power never hurts? Good news: exactly all those things have been carried out on this professionally restored Jaguar. Perfect fits, seams and sheet metal characterize this Mk2. The restoration was carried out by a specialist and at the same time the car was given a major overhaul to make it better than it ever left the factory. Only minimal hints indicate that the car is no longer completely original because everything has been carried out ‘with the preservation of style’.

First we pay attention to the body of the car. Not only restoration was on the very long order confirmation, an intensive anti-rust treatment also followed, so that restoration is never necessary again in the future. Now there are of course more Mk2s that have been very thoroughly and well restored, but during the construction the Jaguar was modified in many ways, resulting in an extremely good driving car.

The heart of this Jaguar is the amazing and standard 220 hp 3.8 liter six-cylinder. The specialist has completely overhauled the engine, but also tuned it, resulting in even more power and torque. Whatever rev range you drive in: press the accelerator and the Mk2 takes off. To ensure that the higher power does not have a negative impact on reliability, an oil cooler, electric fan and enlarged radiator have been installed.
The strong six-cylinder in-line engine is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox (yes, you read that right) and is fully synchronized. The powertrain is in new condition and that naturally includes matching steering characteristics. Major steps have also been taken in this area.

Adjustable Koni shock absorbers with heavier springs and a thicker anti-roll bar are fitted at the front. However, the major work has been done on the rear axle, where the complete suspension has been ‘redesigned’ and is now equipped with springs, adjustable tie rods, again Koni shock absorbers and anti-roll bar. Now that we are under the car to look at the work that has been done here: the rear axle is equipped with a differential with adjusted proportions. The handling is incredibly good due to all these adjustments, it is a huge pleasure to be on the road with this car. We almost forget to report the mounted power steering of an XJS.

With these kinds of adjustments, it is also important that the brakes are addressed. And so it happened. Brake calipers, discs and pads from an XJ6 are placed at the front. The larger brakes, in conjunction with the large brake booster, ensure that reducing speed is not a problem under any circumstances. Larger brake calipers were also installed at the rear.
In addition to all these things that mainly provide driving pleasure and sportiness, it remains of course a luxurious English ‘saloon’. That is why comfort has not been forgotten. The interior has been completely restored and smells, feels and exudes English class. The Jaguar has extra insulation mats to reduce unwanted noises entering the cabin, while the leather upholstery feels soft and supple. Have you noticed the beautiful wool carpets? Or the completely renovated woodwork? Perhaps not because you were distracted by the XJS seats that provide great support and comfort over long distances. Furthermore, many comfortable features were added, such as cruise control, central locking, tinted glass, halogen headlights and to top it off, a wooden Mota-Lita steering wheel.

Since the restoration, the Jaguar has been neatly maintained and regularly driven. This makes it ‘get in and enjoy’.
Many cars that are modernized lose their character, their soul. This Mk2 has been tackled by professionals, so you can still imagine yourself in a typical British classic from the 1960s. It starts with the wonderful, typical smell of an English car and continues with the glossy wood, the beautiful meters and luxurious upholstery. High Tea in the shape of a car.

The purist may not label this Mk2 as his or her ideal, but even the purist will have to admit that this is a car of great class. A little less purist and especially enjoy perhaps the fighting Mk2 on the market? Let yourself be convinced in Brummen.

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