Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Roadster Flat-Floor “Outside bonnet lock”

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage53 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • "Nut & Bolt" restored to high standard
  • Very "early" Flat-floor with the outside bonnet lock
  • A Matching number-example
  • Supplied with a Jaguar Heritage Certificate
  • Livery in "Golden Sand" over tan leather interior
  • Built on 26th of August 1961

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What a fantastic model! Such captivating lines and what an experience! The E-type must have made quite an impression in 1961 when it came on the market. That impression does not stop at the appearance. How about a 3.8-liter six-cylinder engine with 265 hp, equipped with a manual transmission, independent front suspension, independent rear suspension, and Dunlop disc brakes? A delightful combination, we can assure you.
Before the E-type, there was the competition D-Type from the mid-1950s and its short-lived production version, the XKSS, from 1957. Like the D-Type, the new car used a monocoque construction: the front part of the chassis had a space frame with steel tubes supporting the engine, front suspension, and hinged hood and bumper assembly, which could be lifted for almost unlimited access to the engine. High performance was promised, all for a price of about $6,000 and that for one of the best-looking cars in the world! Or do you beg to differ?
In general terms, we can state that the E-type Series 1 3.8-liter, both roadster and coupe, did not change significantly in appearance between 1961 and 1964. However, when we look at the E-type in detail, there were indeed changes. Looking at the Service Bulletin from May 1962, the authors described the introduction of the redesigned footwells. Why? It provided more comfort for the occupants. The term “flat floor” has now become a popular name because the very early examples, preceding the footwell update, are now extremely popular.
Our example at Gallery Aaldering was built by Jaguar on August 26, 1961, and this is therefore an early and sought-after E-type Roadster 3.8 with “flat floor,” “outside bonnet lock”, as well as being a matching numbers’ car. This Jaguar naturally comes with the Jaguar Heritage Certificate. The car was originally delivered in New York on September 13, 1961.
The colour scheme is truly a dream, we cannot describe it any other way. The lines of the body come into their own with the Golden Sand, and together with the interior forms a very beautiful ensemble. What an elegant E-type! The restoration of this example was carried out ‘nut and bolt’, right down to the smallest detail, this E-type is in very good condition. No doubt the work was carried out to a high standard. During the restoration and overhaul work, for example, the six-cylinder engine also received a complete overhaul, along with the Moss gearbox, rear axle, and the entire suspension, including the brakes.
The bodywork is very beautiful, and the restoration work was carried out well. The same also applies to the interior. The photos give a very good impression of the car’s condition. The car as a whole looks very beautiful and in good order.
This E-type benefits from many “early”features that make the car special. For example, the doors are built from three different parts. Additionally, we see the quite characteristic “outside bonnet locks”. Jaguar only made 500 examples with this feature.
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