Jaguar XK150 3.4 Litre “OTS” Roadster

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage1006 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Bare metal-restoration
  • Jaguar Heritage (JDHT) certificated
  • Matching Numbers (JDHT)
  • Restoration-file with pictures included
  • Beloved "OTS" model

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introduced the XK150 in 1957; an evolution of the XK120 and XK140, though still based on the same chassis. The XK150 inherited the delightful 3.4-liter engine from its predecessors, while the body underwent changes, offering more visibility all around and increased interior space. Along with a wider grille, the upgraded braking system was a significant improvement. Drum brakes were now a thing of the past, replaced by Dunlop disc brakes on the XK150. This led to a drastic increase in braking performance, better suiting the sporty character of this Jaguar.
Initially, the XK150 was only available as a coupé with a fixed or drophead roof, with the open roadster version appearing a year later. With 190 horsepower, the maximum power of the engine was identical to that of the XK140. ‘Special Equipment’ and ‘S’ versions were supplied with 210 and 250 horsepower, respectively, with the latter achieving astonishing performance for its time. How was this achieved? Jaguar implemented various modifications, including the introduction of the ‘straight port’ cylinder head, developed by Weslake and high compression pistons. Overdrive and automatic transmission were also options. Interestingly, an increasing number of customers opted for automatic transmission. Steel wheels remained part of the standard equipment, although XK150s were largely sold in SE (Special Equipment) specification with wire wheels.
Our example in Brummen is highly attractive, being the sought-after OTS version as well as ‘matching numbers,’ confirmed by Jaguar Heritage (JDHT) certificate, which we include with this car. Recently, this example underwent thorough restoration and overhaul, extensively documented with photos of the work carried out and various invoices. This was a ‘body-off’ and ‘nut and bolt’ restoration. You can view a selection of the restoration work in the photo gallery of this advertisement.
With excellent fitting alignment and a fresh coat of paint, the exterior looks immaculate, including the brightwork and wire wheels. The rubbers appear fresh, and the overall impression is one of neatness throughout. Inside, we find beautiful leather upholstery and exquisite carpets. The fine quality of the interior restoration work is also evident, presenting a tidy and appealing appearance. Authentic elements such as the steering wheel and the gauges look splendid. Additionally, the blue soft-top is a sight to behold, forming a particularly beautiful combination with the white body colour and blue upholstery.
How does this Jaguar drive? In one word: fantastic! Thanks to the overhaul, this XK is in good mechanical condition. The engine runs very smoothly, and shifting is precise. Both the clutch and brake pedal are easy to operate, making it a joy to drive this XK.
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