Jensen Interceptor RESTOMOD BY “JIA” !

Body styleCoupé
Mileage3132 km
VAT / MarginMargin
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Restomods, who hasn’t heard of them? Think of Alfaholics with their Alfa Romeo GTA-R, Singer with their 911: classic cars that are restored to new condition and where the technology is adjusted, modernized and made more intense. In addition to these two very well-known names, there are now countless other companies that carry out similar restorations. One of them is JIA, International Automotive. We don’t have to explain which model this company uses as a basis, we suspect?

Now, unlike the Alfa Romeo and the Porsche mentioned earlier, an Interceptor is not a car that is equally known to everyone. So a little piece of history. The Interceptor is the successor to the Jensen C-V8. The basic concept is a steel body with an American V8. Unlike the predecessor, the brothers moved to Italy for the design: Carrozzeria Touring was responsible for the design of the large four-seater coupe and the first cars were also built in Italy. At Touring? Are you crazy, that would make too much sense. No, the first copies are produced at Vignale, before the entire production goes to West Bromwich.
With the very fast model, Jensen is targeting a clientele that is willing to pay a lot of money for performance and exclusivity. Just consider that an Interceptor III, as you see here, cost about 60% more than a Jaguar E-type Series III Roadster!

Back to now. JIA has been active in residual modding of the Jensen Interceptor since 2010. The copy you see here was built in 2016 and is actually a new car. The restoration was done down to the smallest detail and the modifications are almost impossible to list. For your perspective: ordering a car like this today means that you will spend between € 250,000 and € 350,000.
The first thing you notice is of course the truly beautiful interior. The two-tone ‘Bridge of Weir’ leather, the same used by Bentley, is very beautiful and the rest of the interior is also essentially new. Better sound insulation, a completely new modern air conditioning system according to today’s standards and beautiful materials provide an experience that is reminiscent of the classic Jensen, but comes close to a modern GT in terms of comfort. The Smiths counters and all electronics are new. The gear lever of the manual transmission is located in the center console. Again: not the original but a brand new Tremec gearbox with six gears.
Where this gearbox previously operated a 7.2 liter V8 with 330 hp (later 280 hp), there is now a well-known Chevrolet LS3 V8 under the hood. 6.2 liters in size, new from the shelf (a so-called crate engine) and 480 hp strong! Many times more powerful, more torquey and even more economical: the perfect engine for this Interceptor. It ensures that the Interceptor accelerates like a modern sports car.
The mileage on the odometer, just over 3,000, is the amount that the engine has already covered. So barely broken in.

It will not surprise you that with such power, the rest of the technology has also been completely overhauled or renewed. To name a few: the AP Racing brakes, the beautiful wheels, the chassis, the suspension, rear axle including differential, exhaust and all other parts are in completely new condition and designed for their task. It is nice to report that the rear suspension no longer consists of leaf springs but of independent suspension in ‘Jaguar style’ with springs and shock absorbers.

Driving the JIA Interceptor is a complete joy. Classic character but with modern influences, everything shows that this is a completely different experience in terms of power, comfort and driving characteristics than the original.
You will see a phenomenal dashboard around you, constructed with beautiful materials. After a ride, do you want to look back as you walk away? Then you notice the beautiful green body, with paintwork that is simply beautiful. The large wheels fit perfectly in the wheel arches, making the car stand extremely well on its wheels.

Up for an amazing restomod with cool technology, beautiful looks and something different than usual? Then this Interceptor is an amazing choice!

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