Lamborghini Countach LP5000 Quattrovalvole

Body styleCoupé
Mileage60986 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Fully restored and revised
  • Matching numbers and colours
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Countach is the Piedmontese way of saying amazing or gorgeous. A Piedmontese staff member kept on repeating the phrase so often during the car’s development that it stuck and was adopted as the car’s name. Ferruccio Lamborghini quickly realised the name was a very apt one for such a special car. Our car is a fully restored, matching numbers and colours Lamborghini Countach LP 5000 Quattrovalvole.

The Countach’s history has been told on numerous occasions and is full of this kind of anecdote. The Countach is a colourful car and wasn’t one to sit on the sidelines. We would like to share this specific car’s interesting provenance.

This car was supplied new in France. After 10 years the then owner decided to re-spray the car in yellow. He arranged for an expert to completely take the car apart and spray the bodywork in yellow. And that was that. For the next 18 years, nothing else happened to the car. To be honest it is a little hard to believe owning a Countach and not being able to drive it. In 2015 this project was taken on by the previous Dutch owner. He forged ahead commissioning an expert to restore the car to its former glory. That included re-spraying the car in its original “Bianco” finish.

The Countach underwent a sympathetic full restoration and mechanical rebuild between 2015 and 2019. Nowhere does that become clearer than inside the car. Instead of replacing the interior trim, they choose to repair any damaged leather professionally and re-use all of the interior trim after a deep clean. The final result looks fantastic. The interior looks exactly right. The supple red leather is undamaged. The dashboard top is clad in black leather with red leather below. The red carpets are also in a good state.

The bodywork is at least as fine. During the restoration great care was taken to precisely marry the bodywork back onto the chassis. The straight panelwork is correctly aligned. The respray has been done to a very high standard and remains in perfect condition. The undamaged rims are shod with the right type of Pirelli tyres. Naturally, the characteristic rear spoiler is there as is the great Ansa sports exhaust with its four tailpipes.

The fully rebuilt engine is in the rudest of health. The 5.2-litre V12 engine is a further development of the Bizzarrini V12 that featured in the Lamborghini 3550GT. The engine has six twin Webers and produces 455 Ps at 7,000 revs and 500 Nm of torque at 5,200 revs. The Weber carburettors in this version have not been placed at the side of the engine but on top. To make room for the necessary airbox a higher engine cover was needed. The already limited rearview is therefore even more

restricted and is the reason you often see Countach owners sitting on the sills whilst trying to reverse park. It all adds to the Lamborghini’s unique character.

Naturally, the main thing about this poster car is the drive. It makes no odds how bizarre the Marcello Gandini drawn supercar may look, the real work starts the moment you turn the key in the ignition. Perhaps even before that when you open the door upwards, step over the wide sill and let yourself sink into the bucket seats. Once seated two things become obvious: the pedals are quite centrally placed to make room for the wide front tyres and thanks to the sharply angled nose and extended front window screen the view out front is excellent! Start the car, depress the clutch and select first gear, ease the clutch off and just be amazed how easily the Countach drives away. By the way, the 1st gear is where you would normally find 2nd gear due to the 5-speed dogleg configuration. With the engine at operating temperature, you will not believe your ears when you floor the accelerator to just over 7,000 revs. Behind you, a roar is emitted that continuously seems to change the higher you climb through the rev range, truly magnificent. Once at 7,000, you shift again and the party starts all over again. Driving a Countach always leaves a permanent memory imprinted on your mind. The driving experience this top-quality Countach offers is 100% unforgettable. The handling at high speed is very sure-footed and surprisingly comfortable. Many current supercars could learn a thing or two from the Countach.

If you are looking for a wonderful original matching numbers and colours Lamborghini Countach then this is the car for you. Invoices totalling € 85,000 are included. This is a really brilliant Lamborghini Countach LP 5000 Quattrovalvole in prime shape and a fantastic colour scheme.

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