Lancia Delta HF Integrale

Body styleHatchback
Mileage166768 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Trade-in car.
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Trade-in car.

Sometimes you hardly notice how some cars are suddenly becoming classic. Take the iconic Delta, introduced in 1979, almost 45 years ago. In order to know all the versions, engines and versions, a study must be carried out because the Italians have built numerous variants in the 15 years that the model has been delivered.

The Delta we offer here dates from 1989 and is the strong and legendary HF Integrale. A blown two-liter four-cylinder with 2 valves per cylinder and therefore actually the version that started the whole rally story. The Delta you see here, as you can clearly see, has a Gulf-style wrap (foil) but underneath there is dark blue metallic paint. When we examine the bodywork, we actually discover no rust and there is a chance that excellent paintwork can be found under the foil. Beloved 16” wheels from a later Evo complete the exterior party.

The interior is still completely original, with neat seats and undamaged upholstery. The typical meters with yellow numbers and needles are in functional condition. The carpets and door panels are also in excellent condition. Not a ten, but neat.

The technology of the Delta looks neat. The 1,995 cc power source delivers 180 hp and can reach 100 in just six seconds. Values that are still excellent today, but at the time were simply in sports car territory. The technology looks neat, but we recommend that you check the car completely before putting it back into use.