Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato

Body styleCoupé
Mileage5476 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Bodywork restored and technically overhauled
  • Serial (vin) number - starting with 824.00
  • Excellent driver's quality with the characteristic V6 sound
  • Zagato's controversial ‘double-bubble’ roof
  • Open headlamps in the style of the remarkable Ferrari 250 GT SWB

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When chief engineer Prof. Antonio Fessia was tasked with producing a new , it was decided to use the legendary Lancia Aurelia as the basis. The Aurelia, introduced by Lancia in 1950, was an incredibly important car for Lancia, as it was the most advanced car of its time with the world’s first production V6 engine and fully independent suspension.

Essentially, the Flaminia was an update of the Aurelia with the same fantastic V6 engine at its core. Upon introduction, the Flaminia also featured the same 2.5-liter engine, which was later enlarged to 2.8 liters. Additionally, the gearbox and driveshaft from the Aurelia 5th and 6th series were used as a basis, but now the first gear was also synchronized, just like the other gears. Lancia patented a subframe in the Flaminia, isolated by rubber, on which the engine and front suspension were mounted. What was the advantage of this? With just six bolts and a few fasteners, the entire unit could be removed.

The Lancia Flaminia was seen at the time as the ultimate car of Italian luxury and sophistication, and it is an evolution of the Aurelia, making it much more refined than its predecessor. The Flaminia was available as a sedan from the Lancia factory, a beautiful coupé by Pininfarina, the fantastic Touring, and the stunning Zagato, which we present to you today.

Our example is an early Sport Zagato from 1960 that is in very nice and neat condition. With the Zagato bodywork and the very distinctive ‘double-bubble’ roof, the model is breathtakingly beautiful. The Borrani wheels give a sporty look, and the overall condition makes this car very suitable for various (sporty) drives and events.

The bodywork was expertly restored by a specialist, resulting in a Flaminia with beautiful bodywork in good condition and with good fittings. The body color is also very attractive in red, and the paint has a beautiful shine. The chrome work is also neat. The upholstery looks very original, has signs of use, and has a beautiful patina. The carpets are beautiful. The beautifully shaped clocks function flawlessly and have a timelessly beautiful design. The underside of this Lancia is also in good condition; take a look at the photos for an impression.

The rare and desirable 2.8 3C V6 engine has been overhauled, just like the rest of the mechanical aspects, and the engine sounds as a Flaminia should. The V6 runs quietly and drives very smoothly, both at high and low revs, and the overall driving experience is fantastic. These are wonderful cars to drive, and this example is the perfect representation. Once on the road, the DNA of the Lancia Aurelia is still present but feels more refined and robust, as you would expect from a good Flaminia. The gearbox shifts precisely, and both the clutch pedal and the brake pedal are easy and flawless to operate.

We deliver this Lancia with an appraisal report, multiple (recent) invoices, and photos of the restoration and overhaul work. This example is, as we mentioned, excellent for the most diverse (sporty) drives.

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