Mercedes-Benz 280 SL R107

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage49436 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Low mileage
  • Longterm ownership
  • Top quality
Price on request

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We often say the SL R107 is one of the most versatile classics around. Sporty and comfortable, sturdy but not dull, a choice of sensible as well as one of the heart. As such every R107 series Mercedes-Benz is a good choice, a Lapisblau 280SL with less than 50K on the clock would logically be almost foolish not to buy.

In 1982 someone became quite happy when the telephoned rang; “Your Mercedes-Benz is ready to be collected” was the message on the other side of the still curly wired horn. The message was not in English as the car was being supplied in Swiss Lausanne , but you get the picture. The car has led an easy life according to the original service book; up to 2000 it had only travelled some 20,000 km. In that year the Mercedes-Benz moved over to the Netherlands. And to acclimatise to Dutch climatological conditions the car was only sporadically used in clement weather. This car stayed and was cherished within the same family for a long time. This has resulted in a mileage of a mere 49,436 km. Truthfully, life still has to start for this 280SL.

And that life will be encountered in phenomenal shape. From top to bottom the bodywork is splendid. Not a smidgen of wear and perfectly aligned as only a Mercedes-Benz from that era can be. Inspecting the wheel arches we can tell they are original without thick layers of rust-proofing. Due to its cautious use treatment was never indicated. The rest of exterior is as the Swiss say ‘ohne fehler’ and every part shouts out it has only done 49,436 km and would like to experience a bit more of the world, thank you. The same goes for the interior. The lovely beige leather trim to be precise. You don’t even have check the mileage to realise this is a little used car. The pristine luxurious seats, the fresh carpets and the very neat dashboard with deep orange needles are in keeping with little exposure to day and sunlight.
Under the bonnet we find a more or less pristine straight six-cylinder engine. The 185 hp power plant is probably one of the best engines you can have if you intend to tour any distance with this SL. Of course the most powerful version the 240 hp V8 in the 500SL is delightful but actually the difference is not that great considering the lower weight of the 280 SL as well as delivering brilliant handling to boot, not to mention the fuel economic aspect. Driving this car with its supple 4-speed automatic is a very chilled experience.
Underneath this 280SL matters are on a par with the rest of the car. Everything points to no nasty accidents having occured during its frugal use. The car is complete with an original service book, owner’s manual and the necessary paperwork.

If you are looking for a near pristine classic to enjoy making many miles in, then you really should not overlook this lovely 280SL.

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