Mercedes-Benz 300D Only 17.000 km!

Body styleSedan
Mileage16960 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Unique
  • First owner
  • All service books etc
  • Like new original condition
Price on request

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Where should we start. With history about the W123? That this model appeared on the market at the end of 1975 and that it meant one of the biggest successes ever for the brand? Should we tell you that this model was incredibly solid and that almost 2.5 million of the sedan alone have been produced? We probably don’t tell anything new about this legendary limousine, which was in production for ten years with four, five and six-cylinder in-line engines. No, we quickly move on to this specific copy, which is simply new with 16,960 kilometers of experience.

In the Netherlands, a diesel has always been especially popular with people who made a lot of kilometers. The combination of high fixed costs and low fuel costs logically resulted in this. It was different abroad. Of course, the low consumption of diesel engines played a role, but the quiet ‘Laufkultur’ was also an important reason for many buyers to purchase a diesel engine that was still nice and ‘nailing’ at the time.

For whatever reason you bought such a car: only driving it for 16,960 kilometers in all that time is a special fact. It is exactly what happened to this Mercedes-Benz 300D. The car was ordered on August 12, 1977. The fact that we can name it so precisely is due to the full pile of documents that come with this car. So is the original check that the first buyer, Spaniard Jose Menendez Cuevas, kept with the purchase. All other documents that came with a purchase at that time have also been neatly preserved. Normally we first look at the car and then the documentation, but in this case we first went through the pile of papers with a cup of coffee. Purchase receipts, maintenance invoices, stamps from the first service after the break-in period: everything is there. The cards that are hung on the indicator after a turn or inspection are also present with a rubber band. Seeing all the paperwork, including old road maps, booklets with emergency numbers, customs clearance papers and many other things, makes every car enthusiast so enthusiastic that waiting to view the car is almost impossible.
Jose also chose in 1977 to be generous with the options, such as air conditioning and a center armrest. Resting your elbow on the center armrest, you can operate the electrically operated windows at the front and rear, an option. Those windows are tinted all around, the windscreen has a green sun shade band, both optional. A Becker radio with extra speakers in the parcel shelf was also chosen. Via a rotary knob on the center tunnel you can change the balance between the front and rear speakers.

It is a miracle how this car has been preserved. It starts with the exterior, which, down to the last screw, looks as if it just came out of the Mercedes-Benz museum. We could list everything that looks like new, but we can summarize it briefly: everything! We have never seen a W123 this beautiful.
Exactly the same applies to the interior, which is also simply new. If we didn’t know any better, we’d guess the upholstery was just ‘done’ but no: everything you see and touch feels and is new. Even the door panels and door sills actually show no signs of use. The dashboard also continues that trend, something that is particularly noticeable when you open the sliding roof, which is also in new condition, for more light. Of course, the needles of the (lack of) speedometer and other instruments are still beautifully orange, not surprising when you consider that this car has only been outside for 16,960 kilometers. If we take an average of about 50 km/h, this means that this Mercedes-Benz has been outside for about 340 hours in its life, about two weeks.

Under the long hood-with-star an indestructible five-cylinder diesel. With 80 hp and 172 Nm of torque, it was a very smooth car for that time with a top speed of 148 km/h. In 2022, the flexibility, the beautiful running and the considerable torque of the turboless auto-igniter are particularly striking. Not only does the engine act like it’s brand new, it looks like it too. The sticker on the valve cover is even still present and the rest of the engine compartment also seems to have escaped from the brochure. The things that have been done to preserve the car, such as a fresh battery, are original Mercedes-Benz parts.
Of course we drove the car briefly and that is a very pleasant experience, partly due to the optional power steering. However, we do not want to drive it much because the next owner may pass the nice round number of 17,000.

For the Dutch interested: this W123 is 45 years old. This means that it is exempt from road tax and that you can drive into areas that are indicated as environmental zones with this 300D. Well the benefits, not the burdens.

We can keep writing about this car, but we can also promise one thing: if you are interested and you come and see the car, you are sold. And with that almost certainly this unique ‘new’ 300D too.

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